Our Engagement Party

Being engaged is a really fun and exciting time! When both McCann and I were home for the holidays, my mom through us the sweetest engagement party. It was so fun to see family and friends all at once to celebrate! When my mom throws a party, it is nothing short of beautiful. So many cute details, delicious food and lots of laughter are always present. We are so thankful for this time together. Take a peek at some of the pictures I snapped quickly before guests arrived!

We had a few appetizers, lots of desserts and some champagne to celebrate! My grandma helped my mom put together the displays (and she baked these amazing black and white shortbread cookies!)

Traditional wedding cookies

We got lucky with Whole Foods selling peonies at the time of the party :)

My favorite cupcakes, Kara's Cupcakes, was a favorite:

Infused water and a fun cocktail punch mixed drink

We set up a cute table with pictures of both McCann and I as babies, and then framed some engagement pictures, too.

I have saved one flower from each bouquet McCann has given me, so I laid those out in front of the collection of pictures. So special!

My parents with the two of us:

Thanks for the thoughtful party, mom! We felt celebrated and so loved.

We even received a few little gifts. We opened lots of celebratory champagne, gift cards, the Newlywed Cookbook (SO EXCITED to use this-- I should start practicing!) and my girlfriends from high school got me adorable Kate Spade Mrs. earrings

Can't wait to continue sharing pieces of our planning and engagement. Please let me know in the comments if there's a specific topic you want to hear about!

Happy Tuesday:)



  1. So sweet! Hope you enjoy this season, it really is so fun!

  2. Congratulation! Looks like it was a beautiful celebration and those cookies look delicious x

  3. I agree that Engagement parties are really special for everyone. Its fun time for guests and friends. You have arranged an amazing engagement party dear and I can see everyone enjoyed the day. I also got engaged last week at event venue Chicago, and my friends danced a lot that day.

  4. Such sweet ideas I love the cupcakes! Also the frame is a lovely idea for engagement gift ideas It really is an exciting time, so enjoy it all!


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