Our Engagement Pictures

While we were in California for the holidays, we were able to squeeze in our engagement session with our wedding photographer, Danielle Poff Photography. I've known Danielle for years now, so when it came time to choose a wedding photographer, it was an easy task ;) I just love the airiness, light, and romantic feeling her photos have. I also love that she shoots in film!

We went to this beautiful state park in the area and though it was cold, it was so much fun. I'm in LOVE with the images she captured and can't wait for our big day come September.

One of my favorites:

This is my computer desktop :)

He makes me smile!

This might be my favorite of all!

danielle poff photography
DETAILS | Sweater / Jeans - similar / Booties - extremely similar, these are also adorable.

I get to marry that guy and I can't wait!! Thanks, Danielle, for out gorgeous pictures. I can't wait to frame some! Go follow Danielle on Instagram for tons of beautiful images, cute pics of her pup, and she just started a clothing store full of amazing thrifted and bohemian pieces.




  1. Beautiful photos and you guys make a gorgeous couple! I still love looking back at our engagement photos that we took 6+ years ago :)

  2. Goodness girl, you are stunning! LOVE these pictures, they are just Beautiful! I am so very happy for you!

  3. These are just beautiful!!! Your pink sweater was the perfect choice/color.. I cherish our engagement photos.. they are still some of my favorite images of me and my husband.. you will love looking back at these as the years go by! xo

  4. These pictures are just so, so beautiful! Congrats again!

  5. Stunning pictures, you two are the cutest. Congratulations again!! :) Can't wait for more!

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  6. So gorgeous. Beautiful couple and your happiness shines through. What a beautiful setting, too.

  7. These are beautiful! Love the colours

  8. absolutely beautiful!!! love them all!!

  9. These are beautiful!!! But let's face it, your photographer has pretty awesome material to work with. ;)


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