My California Bridal Shower

Last Saturday my two aunts and grandmother threw me the most beautiful and sweet bridal shower! These pictures do not capture the beauty, because the lighting was not great, but I had to share anyways. About 20 amazing women in my life gathered to celebrate our upcoming wedding. It was so fun to have 3 of my closest friends and lots of family there in one place. There is no doubt, I felt absolutely showered with love, blessings, and some really fun gifts!

The shower was at a tea house, because tea is my favorite thing ever. My aunts know me so well :) One of my aunts put together the gorgeous hydrangea arrangements with the blooms from her yard. Aren't they amazing?! When we first arrived, we were each served a peach bellini. Next, we sat down to enjoy delicious hot tea with a traditional high tea spread. My favorite were the cinnamon scones and cucumber tea sandwiches. I think I had 5 sandwiches ;) The desserts were sweet little creme puffs and petit fours. Yum! Here are a few pictures from the day, so I can look back on this day for years to come.

So fun to have two of my best friends from high school and my very best friend from college join us!

My two aunts (left), me, my mom, and sweet grandma who threw this lovely shower: 

My mom and my grandma on my dad's side:

One of the fun things they had the guests do was each write down something we could do together, how to create a tradition, or general marriage advice for the two of us. It was SO fun to read through these!

Love these friends so much!

One of my bridesmaids, my best friend from college (who had a baby 1 month ago and drove 6 hours to come to my shower! So grateful!)
My dress: Camilyn Beth (similar) / My mom's dress: Anthropologie 

We were so blessed by friends and family last weekend! I can't wait to put our gifts to good use after our wedding in September. Or can I start using it now?? ...hehe :)

Happy Tuesday!



  1. It looks like a beautiful bridal shower you must be getting excited now not to long to go until the big day! I love the memories ideas I'm stealing the matching PJs one so cute! My friends did this at my Hens Party for a Date Night jar which was great so many ideas and the fun part was trying to guess who had written them :)

  2. Such a beautiful shower. Can you do a hair tutorial? Your hair looks gorgeous! What kind of curls would you call that?

  3. Something about bridal showers just seems so saturated in legacy to me.. I love it! Looks like yours was such a sweet celebration! SO excited for you and all of the joy ahead!

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  5. Looks like you had a great shower, everything beautiful. A sweet touch to have it at the tea house!

  6. What a beautiful shower - and so perfectly you! x

  7. That looks so nice and suits you perfectly!!


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