Our Wedding: Ceremony & Portraits

I'm crazy excited to show you our wedding ceremony and some of our favorite portraits from the day! Above is the abolutely STUNNING backdrop that is Holman Ranch. The day of our wedding was 96 degrees at ceremony time, and as you can see we had not fog, but smoke from the Carmel Valley fires, roll into the valley. I actually think the smoke made for some really pretty pictures behind the cermeony :) Take a peek through the gorgeous photos by Danielle Poff! These are so dear to our hearts.

Guests were welcomes with this beautiful wood sign and a verse we picked out. They also were greeted with ice cold lemonade and iced tea, since it was SO hot. The entrance of the aisle was adorned with two barrels on either side, along with beautiful lanterns we picked out at Hobby Lobby. My amazing florist, Michelle, outdid herself and flowered each lantern, making it feel like an extraordinairy garden.

In order to make sure our guests were fully present and to be sure our photographer could get the best pictures possible, we had an Unplugged Ceremony. We asked gets to put away their phones and cameras until after the ceremony + we promised to share the professional images with them as soon as we got them back!

Thank God for our wedding programs from Shine Wedding Invitations! Not only were they completely beautiful, but they also doubled as fans in the heat ;)

My sweet groom giving his mom a hug:)

Our precious ring bearers and flower girls were ADORABLE!

 Walking down the aisle with my dad. In true form, he cracked an inside joke just as we hit the top of the aisle.

Both my parents played equal parts in raising me, so I wanted my mom to meet us at the end of the aisle and continue walking me up to meet my groom.

When we reached the alter, our pastor began by telling us to turn around, look at our guests and really take in the moment. I loved this.

Thank God for the umbrellas that Holman provides! My mom also made the awesome suggestion to buy some extra parasols incase of heat. Boy were we glad we had those!! We bought this scalloped design.

Our ceremony decor was very special to us. McCann had mentioned early on that he wanted a huge cross, and though we couldn't find one of those (and didn't want to build one, although I know it would have been easy!) my aunt had a unique cross in her home already. She used it for many bible studies in the past and women had even nailed prayer requests to it many times. I loved the history behind it and we knew it'd be perfect for the ceremony. Again, Michelle adorned it with the prettiest of flowers!

Beore we shared our vows with one another, we decided together to do a foot washing. In the Bible, Jesus washed his discipes feet to humble himself, serve his discples and show them they were deeply loved and cared for. Jesus then tells his followers to do the same for others, so we chose this as our first act as husband and wife. Marking our marriage with servanthood and care for the other was so important to us. During this short foot washing, my maid of honor and BFF Ashley sang a beautiful song. We both love music and since she has a gorgeous voice, we knew this would be the perfect accent during the foot washing.

Both McCann and I wanted to incorporate family into our ceremony, so we thought of the idea to have our moms come up and give us our rings before our ring exchange. It was so sweet!

Our first kiss!

We're married!!

Just a few of our favorite bride and groom portraits. I'll show you our sunset photos in another post since this one is already so long!

This location was my absolute favorite:

Photography: Danielle Poff Photography / Venue: Holman Ranch / Florals: Michelle Lywood / Calligraphy & Watercolor Illustration: Graceline / Bridesmaids Dresses: Weddington Way / Floral Watercolor Maid of Honor Dress: Jenny Yoo / Ceremony Program: Shine Wedding Invitations / Ribbon on bouquets: Adorn Company / Wood Sign Lettering: Tipsy Calligrapher  / Vintage chair & brass basin: Forage Vintage Rentals / Hair & Make Up: Lindsay Dabalos  / Flower girl dresses: Nordstrom- sold out, but always have cute dresses!/ Ring bearer suspenders: Little Boy Swag

Incase you are interested, I thought I'd share about our ceremony music since so much time went into planning it!

Bridal Party Entrance Song: "The Bridegroom" by Rivers & Robots
Bride Entrance Song: "CMF" by Caspian
* Both of these are absolutely gorgeous soft songs. We wanted an acoustic vibe, so I was so happy my husband found these!
Foot Washing Song: "Divine Romance" by Phil Wickham
Exit Song: "Make You Mine" by High Valley
* I LOVE country music, but my husband doesn't care for it at all, so I begged him for just ONE country song. He agreed :) I loved this song for our exit because it says "Halelujah, Sunday morning, all I ever needed, wanted. Underneath this pale blue sky, I'm gonna make you mine." It was a Sunday, it was a pale blue sky. We got married. It was perfect!! ;)

I also really can't wait to share our vows with you, but this post is epic, so I'll save those for when I show you our vows hanging above our bed. If you made it this far, you are amazing and I thank you yet again for indulging me in our wedding pictures. If you missed the past posts, here you go:

Our First Look
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Happy, happy Thursday!



  1. Ohmygosh, I'm LOVING all the wedding posts and pics!!! it looks absolutely stunning, but of course I knew it would be with you in charge! And that pic of you two leaning in the doorway...LOVE!

  2. Your wedding seems to reflect you and your husband's relationship so beautifully - thank you for sharing it! I love reading about weddings, seeing the photos, hearing the stories, and what made the day special for the couple. For you, the cross, the foot washing, the music, etc. I love that you had your moms bring up the rings - great idea! They both looked lovely :)

    1. Thank you SO much Nicole. It really was a great reflection of us both :) We loved having our moms involved!!

  3. I just found your blog this week while browsing pinterest on how to decorate a room with a daybed (your mint & peachy pink bedroom) and loved it. Your wedding day looked absolutely beautiful! Not going to lie, the photo of him washing your feet and the message your put made me teary eyed, what a unique and binding thing to do, I've never seen that before and I love it. Congrats to you both.

    1. Aw, thank you so much! And so sorry I'm just now seeing your comment! So glad you stopped by :)

  4. Sorry... I'm the "unknown" above.

    1. Hi Helen! Thanks so much for the comment! I'm so happy you found my blog on Pinterest. Funny how that works:)

      Thank you for your sweet words-- that was my favorite moment in our ceremony. Thanks again!! xo

  5. Michaela!! I just came back to your blog after not reading for a while [you and McCann were only dating at the time] + I'm so glad to be back!!

    Your wedding was so incredibly beautiful -- all of it! The feet washing brought me to tears! What a unique, meaningful act. Can't wait to read more about your wedding + engagement, + look forward to future posts!! :)

    1. Hi Molly! I just found your comment-- so sorry! Thank you SO much for stopping by and for your sweet words! We just loved the foot washing. I go back to that symbol a lot in marriage, of serving the other one above your own needs. It's very humbling!


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