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I hope you all enjoyed your weekends! We sure did. We took a trip to the beach where I got totally sunburned, but it was worth it! Anyways, I thought I'd share a few things on my mind in a bit more of a personal post! I used to do these a lot, and I miss them, so here we go!

1. Our new puppy, Lincoln, sleeps in the funniest and cutest positions! I can't get over it. When he's sleeping I should be working and getting things done, but sometimes I just stare. I seriously feel like I have a newborn ;) We had to put this stool here on the end of the rug (covered in a blanket in care of accidents) or else he nips at the rug. My house is a hot MESS!!

2. I ran out of vases the other day, after a surplus of blooms after teaching our workshop in Chicago, so I used our copper mug. Turns out I love it and will probably use it again even when other vases ARE available!

3. Speaking of our workshop, this cake for our styled photo shoot was EVERYTHING dreams are made of. Can you even handle it?! All those flowers are made of sugar. Absolutely incredible!! Made by Root Cakes.

4.  I cannot wait for these perfect-for-fall booties to arrive! I'll let you know how I like them when they get here (hopefully this week!) I can't believe they're under $100!

5. I love the cut of this dress so much!! Which color do you like better? Thinking of ordering it!

6. It was my mom's birthday on Saturday! I'm so thankful for her and everything she means to me, has done for me, and all of the valuable things she has taught me. I love you, mama!

7. We are taking Lincoln to California to visit my parents with us in a few weeks. We tried out his airplane carrier yesterday on the trip to the beach and he didn't mind it at all! Any travel advice with puppies is welcomed! He'll be sitting with us under the seat in front of me.

8. Just a few pictures from our time at the beach this weekend, because I can't resist. Lincoln really enjoyed the beach-- maybe too much. He ate a bunch of sand (WHY?!), found some sticks and even dipped his paws in the water. Definitely didn't know what to think of the lake's crashing waves though!
Other adorable romper cover ups, because mine is old:

This picture makes me laugh!

Sorry most of these things were about our pup...or am I?! ;) He's a big part of life right now, that's for sure!

What's on your mind on this Monday?!



  1. I think the black dress will transition better into fall!

  2. He is adorable. Puppies are so much fun to watch.


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