October Goals

It's October! The new season is really here and soon the leaves will be changing to reflect that. I'm laughing so hard at the above photo because Lincoln could not look LESS excited about it being fall. A new month means new goals, like usual! I'm sharing them below, but first a look back at last month's...

- Celebrate our 1 year anniversary by going to a pretty lake lodge up in Northern Michigan. We can't wait! We're making a weekend of it and are going to explore Petoskey. We had so much fun!! I can't believe how much we packed into two days. We're so thankful for this trip!

- Try to make it out to the beach to have dinner with my husband's grandparent's one last time in the warmer weather. We really want to catch a beautiful sunset at the lake! Done!

- Have a group of girls over to our apartment for a ladies night before our hot tub closes this fall! I'm so bummed that this didn't happen. September was such a busy month! :( I'll do one in the winter!

- The youth group starts at our church in a few weeks, so we're excited to kick that off and build relationships with the high schoolers! It started and we're glad to be back with our students...we love serving our church in this way together.

- Write a few more educational blog posts. I have a bunch coming your way soon! If you want any certain topic covered, be sure to email me or comment below. Ahh. Fail ;) I have a bunch of other fun ones coming. They're sitting in my drafts and I just have to put some finishing touches on them ;)

- Have a wine night on Skype with my parents. I want to be more intentional about communicating with them, since they live so far away. Anyone who lives in a different time zone from family or friends knows how difficult this can be to organize schedules. We're still working on this!

- For our anniversary month, we are challenging ourselves to encourage the other person in their love language every day. Whether this be a quick love note, words of affirmation, serving the other in some way (like doing the dishes!), we want to show consistent love to each other this month! We were really intentional about this and it was really sweet.

- Go to the gym. Seriously this time ;) I got better this month. I also just did a few workouts in our apartment, which worked nicely. 

- Set aside time every morning for my new Write the Word Journal! I'm so excited about it. I got it in the mail this weekend and can't wait to dig in. There are a few different journals with different topics (like Growth, Hope, Faith, Joy, and Gratitude). I got the Joy journal because I want to focus on being more joyful in the every day things (I tend to look to the future with anticipation and forget to live in the present with joy!) Every day there is a verse in the journal and you literally write the words of the verse. Then there's space to write your thoughts about the verse or whatever is on your mind! I just love this journal!! It's been so good and simple. Just what my heart needs!

- Share a few client projects that are in the works on the blog with you. Also share fall decor at our home!

- Go to the apple orchard for donuts (oh...and apples!)

- Get out our fall and winter clothes and clean out the closet while doing that.

- Continue switching over my makeup and skincare to Beauty Counter. Every time something runs out, I'm replacing it with BC since their products are safe! I've been doing a lot of research on this and I'm so encouraged to have found this makeup as a really safe alternative to what I have been using! It's so crazy what is allowed in our beauty products these days :/

- Be intentional about spending quality time with my husband and speaking kindly to him. Sometimes I get in the habit of correcting him when he's not doing things my way, and I want to break that this month.

- Make our flights home to CA for Christmas!
- Bake something "fall" inspired. Also, get a new fall candle. BIG goal, you guys.
- Take Lincoln to the dog park a bunch before our membership runs out.
- Have fun in Dallas next week for our last big Bloom Workshop for the year! I also get to visit my brother and his wife, which I'm really looking forward to.
- FINALLY meet my friend Nicole, who I've known since I started my blog 7 years ago. She's coming to help us out at Bloom with our other friend Victoria and I can't wait to all three be together.
- Hopefully get to enjoy a visit with my parents' at the end of October / beginning of November for my birthday (11.1). Hoping to get them flights out here soon! 
- Continue to increase my productivity during the day so I don't have to work when my husband gets home. Sometimes with a puppy, this is hard ;) But he's getting so much better at playing by himself and allowing me to work a lot more!
- Try a new crockpot recipe. Any ideas for me?! Please share!
That's all for this month! What are some of your goals?
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  1. The flank steak taco recipe on Instagram looked great but didn't have a chance to write it down. Can you post the recipe on your blog? I really enjoy your blog!

  2. So exciting - so wish I could join a Bloom workshop one day x


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