April 2018 Goals

It's April, which means another round of monthly goals! First, checking in with my March Goals. This keeps me accountable :)

- Go on a girl's retreat with some friends from church this weekend. So excited! YES! This was so refreshing and fun. I love my besties.

- Get Lincoln's barking when he sees another dog walk by our windows to goooo away! We have a vibrating bark collar we just got. Any tips welcome ;) OKAY, so vibrating collar didn't work at all, but this citronella bark collar worked like a charm. He's been wearing it for a week and he barely barks now. Basically, it automatically puffs out a small spray of citronella when there is the barking vibration and it scares him. He hates it, so he doesn't do it! I'm so glad!

- Host our La Petite Bloom workshop here in Grand Rapids well! So looking forward to spending a day with other Creatives, learning about floral arranging and how to watercolor on cookies/fondant! This was just so fun! Learning to paint cookies and play with flowers was just what I needed. Loved meeting all of our attendees, too.

- Write a few interior design specific posts with hard-hitting content, like how I select paint colors/my favorite paint colors, and color psychology. Those are just a few I get asked about often. If you have any topics you want to be covered, leave me a comment! I wrote one about paint colors here. Need to get a few more in the works :)

- Get my lake house client project photographed with furniture in it and everything styled! I was there yesterday and it's so beautiful. I can't wait to share everything finished. We got this photographed last week and it looks stunning. 

- Start getting my summer clothes out of boxes and get them laid out to prep for our trip to Hawaii in April. I don't want to rush doing this at the last second! I hate being stressed before a trip. DONE!

- Related to the last one, I want to take a good hard look at my winter closet and ask myself what I never wore. I realized I have so many clothes, but always gravitate towards the same handful of items. Definitely picking favorites ;) So I want to get rid of the ones that I don't gravitate to as often.  Did this, too! I sold a few of the good pieces on Instagram.

- Start our Spring Cleaning routine! There are a few places I like to organize and purge each year:
* Entry Closet
* Bathroom Drawers
* Bedroom Closet (mentioned above)
*Laundry Room / Kitchen Cabinets

I'd like to get started on this with one project every weekend, so that come April, we aren't doing everything on the list in one weekend.

- Continue trying new recipes. I want to use our George Foreman Grill more this month, so those are some recipes I'm going to look for. I kinda forgot we had one (we got it as a present from our wedding!) OOPS. I forgot about this since we were so busy. I need to remember this! We also just got a new contraption to cook meat in called Joule. I'll let you know how it goes.

- As always on my list, I want to be more active. I'm really focusing on toning my legs and abs. I've found the Tone it Up girls to be a great resource for exercise routines! I've been doing these workouts like 2-3 times per week.

- Put some spring decorations out (that I already have, of course, because of Lent.) You can see them here.

- Lastly, I feel like we've been slacking on our no phones in bed rule, so I want to be more firm about that. Tried hard to do this, but I need to be even more intentional, so I'm starting this challenge with Well Watered Women that is called Word before World, where I'm not going to go on my phone before I read my bible. I'm excited about it.

- Continue spring cleaning! This month I want to tackle the entry closet (more on that tomorrow), the pantry and the laundry room. Maybe the windows, too!

- Take dinner to one of our friends who just had a sweet baby boy. I'm bringing my favorite Flank Steak Tacos in the crockpot. I'll share this recipe soon in an upcoming Meal Planning post. I got them this as their baby gift! 

- Soak up time with my parents during our Hawaii trip! We leave on Monday! So ready for warmth. The weather forecast isn't actually all that great. Kauai is one of the rainiest places on earth, so we're praying it lets up a little to enjoy the beach, hikes, and some surfing for my husband and dad.

- Even though Lent is over, I still want to practice my word of "enough". Would you be interested in a post talking about a few things I learned as I gave up shopping for 40 days?

- Get all the details set for our upcoming workshop, Bloom Bash Nashville. This is for creative business owners (or hopefuls!) who want to learn how to grow and sustain a thriving business by diving into how and why to blog and use social media for your business, photography, design / styling, floral arranging, watercolor calligraphy, styled shoots and more. It's such a fun two days! Tickets close Friday. I can't wait to experience Nashville!

- Send out my monthly Safer Beauty newsletter. I love compiling this information to share with my readers! If you want more info on safe and non-toxic beauty, I'd love to get it in your hands once a month. You can sign up here. 

- Finish decorating one of my client's houses that's in the Parade of Homes in May. Excited to finally share this with you soon.

- My husband recently got a new job that we're so thankful for and I want to go over there and get a tour of the new building and have lunch with him this month.

- Make a homemade dessert. Yum! Taking suggestions :)


Now share a few of your goals below!


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  1. I would love for you to share your reflections on your Lenten project. Spring cleaning is on my list of to-do's/goals this month. I got a good start, but definitely need to keep the momentum going. One of my goals is to sell some unused kitchen gadgets (they are still in the box!), sell some kids' clothes, and make two trips to the donation center in an effort to clean out. Another goal is to get into a better fitness routine. And when I say 'better'.... who am I kidding? Just get into one!

    And if you are looking for dessert, Sally's Baking Addiction has the best recipes! I love her raspberry streusel bars, her chewy chocolate chunk cookies, and the Ultimate Fudge Brownies with Peanut Butter Chips (I don't do PB chips, though). And if you have extra Easter candy laying around? The Candy Bar Blondies :) ... I think listing all that out just goes to show that I need the fitness routine even more - ha!

  2. I'd love to read your post on "enough" and your shopping hiatus. Your April goals look great! Congrats on the Parade of Homes project! I've been attending Parade of Homes since I was little -- it's still a yearly tradition, now with my littles in tow. :) Have a great week!

  3. What an amazing March you had friend, well done on toking so many things of your goals. So proud of you! Yay for new job adventures, congrats to your hubs x


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