Our 2018 Christmas Porch

I've always wanted to do something with greenery garland on our front porch! Finally I decided this was the year and I think it's pretty cute how it turned out :) The left side of the greenery was a little more sparse, so I've since wired up some more on that side. Whoops! In years past we've put out a small fake tree with lights on it on the porch, but this year I just decided to keep it simple with some lanterns, the greenery and the wreath.

The wreath ribbon is from our tree ribbon a couple years ago and I think it'll always be a favorite of mine! The metallic deer and trees are so pretty. I love the little sparkle it gives against the green. All of our greenery is from Trader Joe's (are you surprised?! ;))

Bless my husband who stood in the freezing temps with me to get the garland up!

I'd LOVE to put poinsettias out on the porch for some color, but they would die in a matter of hours from the cold :( To mimic the greenery down here, we also draped some on our balcony up above and hung a wreath there as well. I think it looks pretty charming!
Do you decorate your porch? I'm so thankful that though we live in an apartment, we still have our own front door and balcony area!
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