March Flowers for Your Home

This month I found one of my favorite flowers to use in an arrangement from Trader Joe's! Ranunculus! And only for $5.99 for 10 stems. That's an amazing deal! I grabbed one bunch of those + one smaller "farmers bunch" with 1 stem of spray roses, 3 pieces of lavender stock and 2 white mums (not my favorite, but I liked the other things so I went with it). This small bundle was only $3.99.

I actually made this arrangement for my friend who's birthday it was last weekend! I picked up a really pretty vase I'd been eyeing at Target recently and I knew she'd love it. You can find it here
 Since I'm making these grocery store flower arranging posts a monthly series, I had my friend Alex from Prairie Letter Shop do some calligraphy with the series name so I could put them on the pictures! She's so talented :)

 There was this one peach ranunculus in the bunch and it was SO beautiful!!

I show this every time, but I never want someone to miss it because it really helps! Since this was a smaller mouth vase, I cut the strips of tape in half so they wouldn't take up too much space. This just provides support to the flowers so they can stand up easier on their own.

I started with the bulkier blooms which were the Stock pieces. Then I placed the spray roses, but as you'll see, I ended up moving them towards the end ;)

I started filling in with more flowers and this arrangement was tough, I'll be honest, because all of the blooms are on the small size. Usually you have some that are larger and others that are small, but all being the same size, I had to play around with it for a while. I started by putting a mum in the front, but I didn't like it. As seen below, it looks out of place.

I took it out and made the tallest ranunculus shorter so that the two tall ones on the side would balance each other out instead of having 3 tall points. I think it looks much better!

Lincoln went and laid down under the buffet while I was taking pictures. He always has to be right next to me ;)

This little guy is amazing with its green center. I can't wait to see how it opens up.

This is from the side with the spray roses...

I think ranunculus are just so pretty, I wish they were in season all the time! I'm so glad they had them for my friend's birthday :) I left this tip on my instagram, but I also wanted to leave it here: when you know certain flowers are in season, be sure to ask your local Trader Joe's if they're getting any shipments in. Then ask them to take down your number and have them call you when they arrive. My store even lets me reserve a bunch! So they put these flowers in the back for me to pick up when I came in, so that they wouldn't be gone by the time I arrived. I'm always so impressed by them!


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  1. So pretty... those are one of my favorite flowers, too! And those colors are gorgeous! I've always wanted to take a flower arranging class, so thanks for the tips. ;)

    1. I'm so glad they're helpful! I just love flowers-- definitely not an expert, but have taken a couple classes. They are SO fun!

  2. Flowers light up your room


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