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Good morning! I know you guys see some of my interior design client projects here, but I don't often show inspiration photos or home tours anymore (now that I'm so busy). I thought it'd be fun to show you my personal style favorites and some details I'd love to put in my future home! We've had an apartment for the last 3 years, so we've been really limited with what we can do with it. I'm really looking forward to being able to put my own touch on our home one day. Now that we're house hunting, I thought it was the perfect time to show you some design details I'm loving!

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Elements I love that I'd like to bring somewhere to our future house:
* Herringbone patterned floor: I love this classic pattern, so would love to use it somehow! Either in in brick floor in a mudroom, a tile backsplash or a darker slate-like material in a laundry, mudroom or half bath. 

* Wallpaper or pattern somewhere: I LOVE the idea of wallpapering a half bath or even painting a design on the walls. I always feel like this is the perfect room to have some fun in since it's so small anyways!

* Wood beams: I think beams scream character and give the home a more aged look. As much as I love new homes, I really want the home we live in to feel like it has been around for a little time and has charm. Beams is one the ways that's accomplished I think! They also give some contrast and offer warmth.

* Builtins: another element that adds to the charm of a home are sweet builtins. I love walking around a corner to find a nook of shelves or cupboards I wasn't expecting! We've seen a number of houses with this and it always pulls at my heartstrings. They're great for storage and displaying your favorite things, too!

* Hexagon tiles: it's not secret I love a pretty hexagon. I could go for this in a bathroom floor or backsplash. It's so classic, yet feels a little modern, too.

* Light-medium wood: the light washed floors are coming back and I am SO on board! We have dark wood in our current apartment and let me tell you, they show EVERYTHING. I also think the lighter-medium toned floors make your house feel a little brighter, which I also love. In the 7th picture, I love the white/gray cabinet combo with the lighter floors. I also love that X detail in the side of the island.

* Gold or brass: I don't want to go crazy with this, but I do love a touch of gold :)

* A front porch: this element is definitely on my dream home wish list! We want to be "front yard people" and live outside a little, so we can meet our neighbors and gain a community in our neighborhood. A front porch like this would really help that goal!

* Archways: this is one of my favorite elements in a home. It goes with my goal of having a house filled with character! Having this detail feels quaint and thoughtful.

* Greenery and plants: I'd love to have lots of plants outside creeping up and around the garage or front porch. This just seems to be so welcoming to me!

Other more practical items on our list, aside from pretty details like above, are an attached garage (though a lot of what we're seeing don't have this!), 3 bedrooms and at least 1.5 baths, a basement that is finished or one that we can finish, space for a laundry room, not a tri-level (I really don't love this style of house), and a fenced yard for Lincoln (or one that we could easily fence).

It's a tough market out there, guys. We're praying we find something soon! It may not have everything on my wish list (I KNOW it won't), but we're hoping to add a personal touch to whatever we find.

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  1. So pretty... we have such similar style! I love all of the pretty tile and am swooning over that bath tub. What are your thoughts on mixing metals? I love gold/brass too and was thinking of updating our powder bath lights/towel bar, etc., but don't necessarily want to change out the sink faucet and all of that. PS - Having a fenced yard with a pup is life changing!

    1. YES! I can't wait for a fenced yard for Lincoln! Will be so much less work for us ;) For mixing metals, I just say make sure every metal has a "buddy". If your sink faucet is brushed nickel and you want to get a gold light fixture, just make sure each finish is repeated at least once in the room. Maybe gold hardware (towel bar) but a brushed nickel / champagne colored frame or door knob. I usually don't mix more than 2! Does that make sense??


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