10 Favorite Things for Friday

Happy Friday! Today I'm sharing 10 of my favorite finds with you for the week, just for fun :)

1. One of my favorite details on clothes is anything eyelet. I think this sweatshirt is SO cute and it's on sale for under $35 today. Get 48% off today only on everything!

2. I also found this palm tree tee (where I get almost all my knit tees!) on sale. It's so perfect for summer! It's under $20.

3. I saw that my favorite wedges are on sale for under $50! They're really comfortable and come in lots of colors. I have the gray but love this color, too.

4. Tis the season for sunscreen! I try my best to use products with safe ingredients, so for sunscreen your best bet is Mineral Sunscreen. I love Beautycounter's! But this year they made a new one that's TINTED. Yes, you read that right: tinted mineral sunscreen. There are two shades to choose from and let me just tell you, this sunscreen is amazing! It smells great, protects your skin, goes on evenly, and it gives your skin a dewy bronze glow / evens your skin tone. I just LOVE it!

Another favorite thing of the week: I've been going to the pool with a friend for a bit almost every day this week because we've had so.much.sun. and I'm here for every ounce of it ;)

Also, heads up that Beautycounter is giving you a FREE skincare regimen with the purchase of $175 or more to celebrate the 4th of July. It's such a great deal! 

5. I've been hearing so many good things about this silk pillowcase. I really want to try it! I've heard the benefits include less face lines, split ends/breakage, and less crazy hair when you wake up ;) Have you tried a silk pillowcase?

6. Okay, this one is silly, but it's totally making my list! One of my favorite shows is back on-- Married at First Sight. Ha!! Laugh if you want, but I'm hooked ;) It's essentially an arranged marriage and the show documents the process, but it's amazing to see how some of the couples actually grow to love each other! It just started, so you're not too late to jump in.

7. I've also been LOVING fruit lately. Just about any of it! I put fruit in my water all summer long and it's so refreshing.

8. We just redid the landscaping in the front yard and now I need to replace our mailbox. Even our mail lady agreed it's seen better days ;) I think I like this one the best of what I've found. I can't decide if I want gold or black. What do you think?

9. I installed some lovely accessories in one of my client's homes yesterday and it's coming together so beautifully! This is a favorite spot in the home:
shop the look here

10. I've been listening to the podcast That Sounds Fun's summer series all about the Enneagram. It's been so good, so helpful, encouraging, and I think it's helping me better relate to and understand my friends and spouse! I'm a 3 wing 2. What are you?! Give it a listen! It's so well done.

Happy Friday! What are some of your favorite things from the week?


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