Homemade Popsicle & Iced Tea Recipe

Summer only just hit for us in West Michigan about 10 days ago, so now I'm full-on embracing it! I got the latest issue of the Magnolia Journal last week and in it was a recipe for watermelon popsicles. I wanted to try them, so I found some cute popsicle molds and went for it!  I also have my recipe for iced tea below.

First, I blended my seedless watermelon up.

Then I strained it into a bowl so none of the pulp would get in the popsicles.

Next, you whisk in your greek yogurt with honey in it. I have to say, if I were to do these again I would either add more honey or a pinch of sugar. They weren't very sweet!

 1 Tablespoon lime juice + lime zest is next!

Add a pinch of salt (like I said, I'd omit this and add sugar!) then whisk until smooth.

Pour the liquid into your molds, then let freeze overnight!

They turned out so cute + yes, they were good :) I like things a little sweeter OR more sour, so next time I'd either make them sweeter or add more lime juice. They're not the most flavorful popsicle I've ever had, but it was fun and they were refreshing!

Other popsicle recipes I want to try:

- 4th of July Berry Pops

The other thing I love making in the summer is iced tea! My grandma has a fresh pot in her fridge almost anytime I go over to her house. She leaves hers unsweetened and sweetens each cup with a sweet and low pack (ha! Can't get her to stop using what she always has used!) but I sweeten mine all at once.

1. Boil a pot of water
2. Once boiled, stick 4-6 tea bags of Lipton Tea (I use decaf because I can't have caffeine) in the pot and let steep per directions on the package. Sometimes I'll add a peach tea bag to the mix if I want a little fruit flavor. My husband likes this!
3. Add your sugar or honey to taste (I use half and half and don't sweeten it TOO much incase someone doesn't like it). Stir it up
4. Add tons of ice to your pitcher then pour the hot tea over the ice. Cut up a lemon (or any fruit you want!) to add to the pitcher.
5. Refrigerate until cold. Add more ice to your cup, then enjoy a fresh cup of iced tea!

* You can easily make an Arnold Palmer by adding lemonade to your iced tea.

Let me know if you try any of these recipes or if you have a favorite popsicle recipe! I'd love to try it!!

Happy Monday!

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