Our Bathroom: How to Frame Your Large Mirror

As you might remember, we had been renovating our bathroom in our new house for the last couple months. Check out my inspiration for the room here. I love making an inspiration board for the rooms I design so we have a bit of a design direction, but I also give myself some creative freedom to stray a bit from the original design.

 For example, I originally thought I'd do two mirrors to replace the one tall skinny (floor!) mirror the previous owner used as the bathroom mirror, but when it came down to it, it was more cost effective and would open up the room more if we did one sheet mirror, then figured out a frame for it. I would have just bought a mirror with a frame, but couldn't find any under $500 that was appropriate for the size space we had.

One of my sweet readers suggested checking out Mirror Mate to get the mirror framed and I'm so thankful for the suggestion! They are so awesome. Instead of buying trim from a store and making one ourselves, you can actually choose from tons of mirror styles, colors and options at Mirror Mate and get it custom made to fit your mirror. I ordered 3 samples and then chose my favorite frame from there to order. I was so excited that Mirror Mate wanted to partner with me to bring this post to my readers. I have already recommended and used this product for my interior design clients and I can't wait to continue. It's such an awesome solution to dressing up a standard / builder grade mirror.


The original vanity was sitting on the floor (no toe-kick) so it was really low to the ground and that just wasn't ideal for my 6'3" husband ;) I found a very affordable vanity at a local discount store and picked out a quartz countertop that's white with some gray veining to replace it. It's simple and clean.

We also took out a huge bulkhead that was above the bathroom vanity, making the space feel so small and crowded. We have no idea why it was there, as it wasn't covering anything important, so I'm thrilled it's gone!!

Once we got the dry wall repaired, we placed the vanity and then hung the large mirror. Then we measured the mirror and ordered the frame we wanted from Mirror Mate. We ended up going with the Cherokee Montauk Sand. I thought it would bring some warmth to the room and would tie in with the baskets I'm eventually going to get to fill the built ins on the right side of the vanity.

The mirror frame comes in 4 pieces for you to easily put together yourself. We did it in just a couple minutes! You just use the provided glue and then hammer in these little pieces to keep the angles together.

Next we peeled off the paper on the adhesive so we could get the frame stuck on our mirror.
My husband had the genius idea to set our level on the inside of the frame so that when we were holding the frame up about to press it to the mirror, we could tell for sure if it was straight or not. We got it on the first try, thankfully ;) The adhesive sticks right to your mirror, so you don't need any other tools for the project!


Mirror frame / faucets & towel bars / shower curtain- sold out, but this is similar / sconces

I love how it turned out! I think if we'd done white it'd have been a little to white in the room. This offers a bit of warmth and I think once we get the baskets in the builtins, it'll bring it all together! I'm thinking these baskets for the shelves

Projects left in the bathroom:
- Art for above the towel bar (this butterfly one is just a placeholder!)
- Floor rug that spans both sinks
- Baskets for builtins
- Pulls for the drawers 

It feels so good to have the bathroom mostly done!! It's a far cry from what it used to be.


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* Mirror Mate sent us the frame for our bathroom. I'm happily sharing my honest opinion with you, as we genuinely loved our experience and the final product. Thank you for supporting companies that keep MND door's open!

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