Carmel, CA Recap + Flower Farm Stand Fun

Well, I'm back in Michigan! If you follow me on Instagram, you might have seen that our dog got sick in the early morning of the day I got back, so I spent the morning cleaning up all his messes ;) He's feeling better now, thankfully!

Last week when I was in California, my parents and I took our family dog, Hope, to Carmel. We found this new place called Earthbound Farms in Carmel Valley and it was so beautiful and fun, I had to show you some pictures!

They have a flower stand right outside which was so cute!
  Earthbound grows their own lavender, so they had lavender in abundance! They even make their own lavender syrup to add to your drink of choice, if you want. My mom got a lavender latte and loved it.

My adorable mom + Hope!

We sat outside and had coffee and pastries, then saw they had cornhole, so played a round of that before taking a look at the gardens.

My dad thought this was hilarious ;)

The pet garden is a little gated area for your dog to play!

They have many flowers on the property, so I wandered around and found these cafe au lait dahlias-- my favorite! They were huge!

Lots of lavender! I caught a butterfly on it :) This little area was cute for kids to run around. They had a cool teepee set up that a couple kids were playing in.

They even had an herb garden where you can cut your own herbs to take home for free!

Hope loved the pet garden. Everything in there was safe and edible for dogs!

As we were leaving, they were putting out more flowers at the flower stand. I wanted to get a bunch, but we'd just arrived and I knew they would die in the car :(

How gorgeous are these?! LOVE!
I didn't take out my nice camera the rest of the day, but did take some iPhone snaps. We headed to Carmel Valley Lodge for lunch (highly recommend: dog friendly, amazing views, beautiful pool, yummy food). This is where we stayed the night before my wedding (and by "we" I mean my parents and I). Then we got ready here with all my girls the day of the wedding. It always brings back such amazing memories. 
This is the inside of the restaurant. There's a patio as well, which overlooks the pool.

This is the view from the hot tub:

All of Carmel is just covered in beautiful flowers!

Carmel by the Sea has tons of quaint details-- one of my favorites are the gorgeous tiled stairs. Hope modeled for me :)

Hope's favorite thing to do in life is run on the beach, so we took her to the ocean before we left (which made for a wet ride home, but she loved it!) My dad threw her the ball again and again. It was so fun to watch her get it and then run into the ocean to dip her feet in with every throw!
We had a great time! You can find more about our trips to Carmel and my recommendations in these posts.
Happy Tuesday!
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