Our New Dining Room Rug

I'm thrilled to be sharing a peek at our dining room with you! We have a long and narrow dining space, which is part of our kitchen. The previous owners put in a new vinyl tile flooring in here, and while it's not my favorite, we will keep it because it's too much to put into a house that we're not staying in forever. I knew we'd need a good sized rug to cover part of the floor right under our new dining table. You know me-- I wanted something light and because the flooring is a little darker and very gray, I knew it needed to be something that would pop off the floor. 

I was so excited to be working with a company I use ALL the time for my clients for our dining rug. If you haven't heard of Annie Selke before, let me introduce them to you now! My favorite line is their Dash & Albert collection. They have tons of beautiful cotton rugs, washable rugs, along with indoor / outdoor, more plush options, and natural fiber rugs. All my clients absolutely love them and I've had a rug of theirs in my kitchen for 3 years now which has been great! I tried a whole bunch of samples before deciding on "the one". For some reason, I was having a hard time landing on what style I wanted in here. I tried something with a lot of pattern, a completely solid rug with texture, and everything in between. When I stepped back and looked at the space though, they weren't right. I finally figured out what I needed. These were my priorities:

* Light
* Classic
* Pattern

And what do those things equal? STRIPES! When I saw this new La Mirada Cotton rug pop up on the website, I knew it was perfect. It reads very light, but has some contrast in the navy stripes. The stripes are so classic (how I want my home to feel!) and the navy will tie in with all the blue accents I have throughout the house. 

I love the tone of our table with the rug. It gives a slight coastal vibe, which I'm always okay with :)

Lincoln never used to lay under our table, but as soon as we rolled out the rug, it's become his new spot. It's so cute!

This rug isn't very thick, so it makes a nice transition from tile to rug and doesn't make chairs wobble too much if one leg is off. I do need to get a rug pad for it still, which always increases the life and quality of a rug. I also love that I can spot clean it with cold water and some thieves cleaner. If I really need it cleaned, I'll take it to the dry cleaner.

Mid tail-wag...such a happy guy!

Next to our table is our buffet and fiddle leaf (which is doing quite well!)

Rug / Table / Chandelier / Paint: Balboa Mist by Benjamin Moore 

We're all so happy with the new rug. If I know anything, it's that a rug totally brings together a room and makes it feel more unified. Especially in a space with tile or hard surface flooring!
We still have a couple things to do in the dining room:
- New chairs for the other side of the table. 
- Art for behind the table (it's such a big space, I'm waiting on something large and special!)
- More permanent centerpiece
I'm so happy with how it's coming together, though! I'll you posted on more updates soon hopefully.
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*This post was sponsored by Annie Selke, a company I've used and loved for years (both personally and for interior design clients). All thoughts and opinions are my own, as always. Thank you for supporting brands that keep MND doors open!*


  1. wow that's awesome , I love the white colors in your room, makes it very comfortable. Back to school joann fabrics 50 off coupon

  2. Aw such a nice rug! Lincoln looks so cute on it! :)

    - Laura | https://makeupscholar.com/tanning-research/


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