June Flowers for Your Home

This past week before my parent's arrived for their visit in Michigan, I grabbed some peonies for our home. It IS June, which is prime peony season over here! These particular ones I found were huge and all different, soft shades of pink. I loved them so much, I just had to make them my Flowers For Your Home series this month :) 

When in doubt, just get one variety of flowers and stick them all in a vase. It's a fail-proof way to arrange flowers! That's just what I did here. I had a bunch of stems, so I split them up into a few different vases, this one being the largest, then spread the others into little budvases throughout the house. The burst of pink was such a fun pop throughout the house and my mom loves peonies just as much as me, so she was loving them.

It's been such a busy week with my mom and dad visiting that I haven't had time to share some of the exciting things around our new house with you. I'm excited to show you soon! But first, I'll be recapping our Traverse City trip for you this week with all of our favorite wineries and pictures of each in case you're planning a trip!

Happy Tuesday!

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