Flowers for Your Home: August

Hi friends! I took a blog and instagram break last week and it was really lovely. I didn't sign on to the Instagram app even once (so if you messaged me, I'll reply shortly!) and it was a needed refresher. I also learned a couple things about myself in regards to the app. Maybe I'll share soon.

I'm so excited to be back today with my favorite series-- Flowers for Your Home. This is where I show you how I take grocery store flowers and make a beautiful arrangement for your house. It's no secret I love flowers! I think they really brighten up our home and provide me with some joy as I work or as we eat dinner at the table. 

It was really fun to create this arrangement along with a couple small hydrangeas from our front yard. I love that I can do this now that they're blooming! I also got the following from Trader Joe's:
- White Roses
- Flowering Stock (smells amazing!)
- Lavender Scabiosa 

*Altogether this cost about $15 and I got 4 arrangements out of it.

I started by putting two hydrangea stems in on opposite sides to create some height and structure at the base of the vase (criss-crossing the stems makes for a nice base to then wedge in other stems and keep them in place).

Something I learned from my grandma is that anything with stems that are wood-like, like hydrangeas, can have their stem split at the end a little so that it lets up more water. Hydrangeas are one of the most thirsty plants!

Next, I added in 3 tall sprigs of stock near the hydrangeas. The stock acted as my greenery for this bouquet, which is normally what I start with to help create a base.

Next up were the roses. I learned from lots of florist friends that it's appealing to create levels in your arrangements. So rather than all the roses being cut at one length, vary the length making some flowers sit deeper into the bouquet and some poking out at a longer length. This offers dimension. You can see I sat one really low in the arrangement there in the middle! 

Tip: blow on your roses before adding them to your arrangement to get them to open their petals a bit. It makes them take up more surface space!

Lastly, I added the scabiosa (such a funny name for a flower that is so pretty! ha!). I just let two of these poke up a little higher than the rest and nuzzled the third down into the arrangement. Our eyes always sees things best and most pleasing in odd numbers, so 3 is a great number!

I ended up having so many flowers, I made four arrangements. Two were really petite, but I love setting budvases in the bathroom and by the kitchen sink! Flowering stock is a great flower to get the biggest bang for your buck. Even though the bouquet comes with maybe 5-6 stems, they have tons of "breaks" where you can clip them off, giving you more like 20 stems. I had stock EVERYWHERE in our house- ha! It smells amazing.

Here's how they all turned out:

I hope this inspires you to pick up some grocery store flowers and try your hand at arranging! Practicing the art of arranging flowers never gets old to me :)
Happy Monday!
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