The Short List #11

Happy Monday! It's a fresh start to a new week and I'm excited for it. I thought I'd do one of these posts since I haven't in months, to catch you up on what's been going on in our lives.

What's new: Well, my last one of these posts was in February, so probably a lot! We've moved into our house, which I'm sure you know, and basically every moment of spare time is spent doing something with the house. This weekend my husband built a shelf in a linen closet and started putting the gutters on our roof! I've been tending to my garden every night for the summer and it's been so relaxing and sweet. My husband doesn't understand how I like to spend so much time out there watering, but I just love it!!

 My baby roses:

Homegrown hydrangeas!

What I'm listening to: I'm really excited that the Journeywomen podcast is back for their fall series! I listen to that every Monday. I also love the Fierce Marriage podcast along with Annie F Downs' That Sounds Fun podcast. I listened to her entire series on the Enneagram a couple weeks ago and it was so good and informative. On a completely different note, I listen to the Almost Famous Podcast with Ben & Ashley from the Bachelor just for fun sometimes ;)

As for music, I've been listening to Summer Worship Playlist on Spotify along with my country playlists. I also just LOVE John Mayer and Keith Urban, so I listen to them often.

What I'm watching: Married at First Sight is on again and I think these are my favorite couples so far!! 3/4 of them seem to be doing so well. I'm excited to see what happens. We totally binged on the Netflix Designated Survivor series a couple weeks ago which we liked. A little bit shameful to admit it, but I also watch Bachelor in Paradise and don't condone any of their behavior! LOL

If you have any TV series we should try (we like comedy and things like Designated Survivor, This is Us, etc.) let me know! We've already seen The Office, Friends, and Parks & Rec a million times :)

What I'm wearing: Honestly, I live in these leggings when I'm at home. If I'm out with a client, I'm all about dresses and cute shorts and a tops like the ones below:

My mom recently found this company based in Hawaii from watching the Netflix movie Given. She bought a shirt and it was too small for her, so she gave it to me :) I love it! It's called Slow Yourself Down. I think we could all take a note from that.

Currently Coveting: In LOVE with this dress!! It just went on sale too :) Blue and white stripes always have my heart.

What's on my desk: I'm having so much fun with client design work right now. I just started a new build project last week and met with my client to discuss the floor plan and dreams of the design and feel of the home. I love watching my clients light up when we talk about certain ideas!

I'm also working on a upstairs renovation that includes bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a couple styling projects, I have a few consultations this week and I'm working on a sweet nursery design! 

What I'm looking forward to: I might be going to DC with my parents to visit my aunt in September. I booked my flight, but if my parents dog continues to be sick (so sad! Say a prayer for Hope!) then we'll have to cancel the trip. Otherwise, I'm looking forward to putting our backyard together and can't wait to have grass!! Our anniversary is also in September, so that's always fun to celebrate. Can't believe it's been 3 years.

What I'm using the most: this face oil, this charcoal cleansing soap, and this charcoal mask (today's the last day to get 15% off!) are all on repeat. I'm also a lotion addict and this has always been my family's lotion of choice. It's safe, too! 

Unrelated to skincare, we just got a long hose attachment that allows me to not to have bend over while I'm watering our plants and I'm loving it. It's saving my back!

What I'm reading: My friend just wrote a book called The View from Rock Bottom and my copy came two weeks ago. I'm loving it! I think it's a really important conversation to have -- on pain, suffering, and how God is with us in trials and doesn't promise us an easy life, but a life where he walks with us through it all. Highly recommend!

Favorite thing as of lately: we went to the beach this weekend and it was glorious! It was the perfect beach weather. So fun to soak up the sun with my husband. Our friends joined us near the end of the day, then we went to dinner with them and that was such a treat!

That's what we've been up to lately! Now you answer one in the comments! Hope you have a wonderful week,
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  1. Gardening is the best!! Since the three shows you've watched so much are my faves, I suggest: Jane the Virgin - they just put the 5th and final season on Netflix so you can binge all 100 episodes whenever you like. Also, Madam Secretary has been SO fascinating! Lastly, even if you aren't really into superheroes or comics I recommend The Flash.

    1. My husband loves The Flash! We'll have to try the others!! Thank you!

  2. You must watch Schitt's Creek on Netflix. So funny!!!

    1. OH my gosh, we LOVED IT. SO funny. I can't even handle them! I can't wait for the other seasons to be added. I should I mentioned this in the post!!


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