How to Host a Flower Arranging Girls Night

The week of Easter I had a couple friends over for a girls night. We made centerpieces for Easter and decorated eggs! It was so much fun, so I thought I'd share how I put this little evening together so you can do it for your friends, no matter the occasion! 


To create this, I just went to Trader Joes and our local wholesaler. But if you don't have a wholesale license, going to a grocery store like TJ's or Whole Foods will be perfect! They'll have all the flowers you'll need. Between the 4 of us, we made 5 arrangements and I asked each girl to contribute $20 for the arrangement so we had plenty of flowers! 

The flowers we got were:
+ ranunculus (usually in stores right around Easter!)
+ stock
+ eucalyptus 
+ spray roses (great bang for your buck since each stem has multiple blooms)
+ small hydrangeas
+ lisianthus 
+ flowering branches

This is Lisianthus and I love them! They have a couple blooms per stem usually, so they're a great option, but they are a little pricey depending on the color and variety. I'm so glad we were able to get them though!

I put each variety in its own vase and set them on my dining room buffet. My house smelled like a flower shop-- it was heavenly!!

I know Easter has passed, but I thought I'd share what we did for the egg decorating craft because they turned out so cute! If you're planning a girls night and it's not around a specific holiday (although, this would be so fun for Valentine's Day or Thanksgiving!), you could always come up with another craft. Otherwise, the flower arrangements could be enough of an activity for the evening!

For our eggs I just got some watercolor and acrylic paint. We used watercolor on the real eggs and acrylic for some white wooden eggs my friend brought. Those will be fun since we'll get to put those out again next year! You can see my finished product below, but I just did really simple floral shapes.

The day before this get together, I had baked and decorated easter sugar cookies, so I put those out with some drinks for our treats!

This was my finished floral arrangement. My friends' turned out so pretty, too! 

Here's how my eggs turned out. I was happy with them! So much more fun for me to do little florals than the normal dip-dying process. And no smell of vinegar ;)

For some floral arranging tips and tricks, check out my Flowers For Your Home posts here.

I hope you can host a sweet little girls night soon!

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