My Weekend

Hey all!  Happy Sunday! Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  My best friend just left this morning, but we had a great time together. Yesterday we went down town and shopped {duh!} and went to Pike Place Market.  We took a little visit to the first Starbucks ever and then went a little crazy with food. 
They spelled her name right and mine wrong, but oh well! I'm used to it (:
 We went to the Nordstrom Cafe for lunch {tomato soup to die for} and the my favorite restaurant, Serious Pie.  If you're ever down town Seattle, you have to go here.  Best pizza ever.  Seriously (:  Then after dinner, we went to the Icon Grill for dessert. Yum!  It was pouring all day, so after your encouragement to me on this post about using my umbrella, we were brave and showed off our umbrellas.

Having my best friend here was a breath of fresh air and gave me the drive to make it through the next few weeks.  

What did you do this weekend?

Don't forget this Friday will be a Fashion Friday special edition, featuring YOU! Sometime this week be sure to wear your favorite outfit, or the outfit that is most "you". Take lots of pictures. It's okay to be self indulgent(: Girlie, simple, classic, us your style! Do a post and be sure to link up here on Friday the 4th and join the party! Next week I'll be sure to feature some of my favorite outfits I found in the link party.  I pretty much can't wait. Oh and if you know any hair styles or have tips for us fellow bloggers, be sure to put that in the post, too!
Get creative (:

ps. I just changed my twitter handle to @michaela_noelle. Come find me (:

Love and Weekends,


  1. ohmygoodness! it looks like you had SUCH a great weekend...isn't time with your girlfriends the best??! enjoy the rest of your Sunday, my dear! thanks for your sweet comments! xoxo {av}

  2. That sounds like a lot of fun! I would love to visit Seattle just for visit Pike Market and the original Starbucks, if nothing else :)

  3. Looks so fun-- you ladies are so pretty!

  4. weekends go by to fast! :-/

    glad you had a great one!! i'm loving your friends bag, i've been looking for one like that! lol... & the umbrella is super cute too! xo

  5. Awww glad you had such a fun weekend with your BFF!

  6. You are soooo darn cute! seriously one gorgeous girl! I'm so happy you had a great time with your bestie - weekends with them are always so precious.

    am following now (:

  7. uuuugggghhh nordstrom tomato soup is my FAVORITE. One of the food items I miss the most here in

    You are adorable as ever. xx

  8. That sounds like a great weekend with a lot of food lol. I love your pic with the Starbucks cups.

    Make sure to check out my blog on Thursday for my first ever won't be dissapointed.

  9. Glad you had a great weekend with your best friend :) & that y'all whipped out those cute umbrellas! Looking forward to seeing everyone's outfits on Friday! Have a great week Michaela!!

  10. Glad you got to rock the awesome umbrella this weekend!! Sounds like you had tons of fun!!!

  11. that sounds like such a fun weekend! i love your outfits in your pics too! =)

  12. I think I recognize your friends drink (white mocha) b/c it's one of my faves too!

  13. Fun weekend:-) Best friend time is so special! Love all the yummy food you guys ate. Food and fashion, that's pretty much all you need for a great day! xoxo

  14. So glad that you had a wonderful week with your best friend! Y'all are both adorable!! All of that food sounds delicious...makes me wish that I could come and visit!

  15. I almost got that bag in pink! :o)



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