She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Mackey Madness

Today my best blogging buddy is sharing what she's lovin' and what she's not. I'm so excited to have Megan here! She's probably the cutest thing that's ever walked the planet (:  Take it away, girl!

Hey y'all! It's Megan from Mackey Madness! I'm so excited that Michaela asked me to share what I'm loving and what I'm not loving today!

She Loves Me:

1. Stenciled walls...simply lovely.

2. Lifetime Movie Network...television for Megan. ; )

3. Scripture wall decor.
4. Amazing craft/office rooms...a place for everything!

5. Anything monogrammed!

6. This royal bathroom. Who doesn't have a lounge chair, a huge rug, and a table in their bathroom? ; )

7. Grey's Anatomy.

This man, specifically!

8. Adorable children's chairs.
9. Chandeliers...could there be a prettier way to provide light?
10. My hubby (and even numbers!)

She Loves Me Not:

1. Lady Gaga...she just creeps me out.

2. Mud...this is what my backyard looks like. Now add three dogs. HOT MESS!

3. MTV. Aren't their shows just so trashy lately?
4. Color overload. Is that purple cabinets I see??

5. When I cook and it doesn't taste right. Waste of time!
6. Mcdonald's. Twice in a row they have given me coke instead of diet coke! UGH!

Thanks for having me, Michaela!! : )

Thanks, Megan! I'd LOVE to have the craft room in my own home! And you're right...that is a little too much color for me, too!  Make sure to head over to Mackey Madness to check out the adorable, Megan's, blog.

Love and xoxo,


  1. Love the craft/office room, chandeliers, LMN and of course, Megan & her hubby!! .. I'm also loving the guest blogging idea! you two are awesome! :)

  2. Love the craft room!! So want one!! And, I adore anything monogrammed too. Agree with the dislikes too!!

  3. How ironic! I just found Megan's blog and linked to yours from her "This Blog Rocks" installment - cool circular reference :) You guys are all so sweet!

    That craft room is a dream! And, the scripture wall decor has my mind running this morning!

  4. Love the stenciled walls. So yummy!

    I seriously could have written this list... although Lady Gaga has gottem me through some serious running sessions [even though I don't care for her all that much]. :)

  5. I'm loving that craft room and those chandeliers! So pretty!

  6. Love everything on this list! And I'm dying over that craft room!

  7. I miss thee. my life is just not the same without my over dramatic teenage angst and murder mystery love movies.

  8. wonderful interiors. lovely greetings

  9. I looove Lifetime and anything monogrammed what girl doesn't? :-)

  10. loved it megan! mtv has been SO trashy lately - totally agree! happy wednesday!

  11. i would love to have a craft room. One day my husband promised...along with my gourmet kitchen. I hope he plans on keeping this promise.

  12. The scripture wall decor is awesome! And I'm totally with you on the drive thru drink order...driving away and sipping on a coke when I clearly ordered diet, definitely can bring out the worst in me! Maybe I need to have scripture car decor to keep me GOD centered in those times!!!

  13. I love these! I love stenciled walls and who doesn't love Lifetme and Dr McDreamy! I also think Lady Gaga is too out there and MTV is horrible. 16 and pregnant should never have been produced.

  14. Don't worry backyard looks the same and I only have two dogs. I'm convinced I'll never have a nice backyard.

    That craft room is fantabulous. It's a word, don't worry.

  15. hey!! I love it!
    im kind of obsessed with she loves me she loves me not so i did one of my own! I have no idea how to put a link to your blog or anything!

  16. I'm loving the "she loves me she loves me not" posts! Def wait for it each week! :)

    And I too LOVE that craft room ... And McDreamy! :) And Megan's blog! :)

    Happy Wednesday!


  17. Craft room, yes please.
    Stenciled walls? Don't mind if I do.

    I love Michaela!! La la la!

    Nice to meet you Megan!! and yes MTV. Trash-tastic. Yuck!! Enjoy your weekend together girlies!! xo

  18. i love this series!! i definitely need an office like that!! :-)

  19. i love all of Megan's loves! especially the royal bathroom and stenciled walls! what a fun post!

  20. I'm loving all of Megan's loves!! Especially that bathroom, I die!

  21. Just found your blog! I love Megan's and yours is cute as can be too! :) I'm a huge fan of home decor/interior design so I'm definitely a new follower!

  22. Thanks so much for having me, sweet friend! All of these comments are SO sweet and just made my night...thank y'all so much!!

  23. Got to love Megan! The craft room is amazing, a place for everything! I have to admit Teen Mom 2 is a guilty pleasure of mine :)


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