A Result from Not Being Able to Sit Still: Bookshelf Revamp

If you know me, you know I always have something to say, love organizing, adore cupcakes, and can't stay put for too long without starting a project.  I'm sure you can relate.  Well, it happened this past week.  I'm sitting in my room, most likely blogging, and thinking to myself, hmm...those shelves are a little plain. Nothing a little fabric can't fix! The next day I was off to Joann's in search of the perfect periwinkle/lime green fabric combo. Well, friends, I found it. Within the first five minutes! Dontcha love when that happens?!  It was meant to be.  Since I know we all love a good before and after, here's the before:

I've always loved this custom built-in that the previous owner {who flipped houses...dream of mine!} built.  Bookshelves are the best place to display all the things you love.  To tell the truth, my bookcase arrangement is constantly changing.  That's the fun part!

With the help of a little fabric, I spruced up the bookcases.  Here's how:

1. Iron the wrinkles and creases out of the fabric.

2. Measure your space needing to be covered.  I added an inch onto the length and width of the actual size I needed so when I attached it to the wall, I could fold the edge under to create a crisp, clean line, showing no frayed edges.

3. Start by pinning up the fabric {push pins work just fine!} I pinned one side at a time.  Then you take your staple gun and staple right next to the push pin, making sure to pull the fabric taught in order to keep out wrinkles.

Continue step 3 around all four edges.  Then put your shelves back in and start arranging!

How cute is this plate my aunt gave me for Christmas??

A cute book about shoes that happens to be lime green to coordinate with the room.  My dad picked this book out for me without considering my room colors.  It's fate.

Fresh flowers. Always.

My sketch book on display:

Finished product:

 Oh, and that small gallery wall transformed over the course of the week, too.  Can't wait to share it soon!

This project was super easy and makes a big impact.  Best part? Only cost $15 for fabric! {That's including the extra yard I bought, just in case a mishap occurred.}

Today I'm flying back to Seattle.  Mixed emotions over here, friends.  While I'm excited to go back and start new classes, I'm not looking forward to the frigid temperatures or missing my family.  Did anyone else feel homesick every time they left for school? It's like I'm leaving for the first time all over again. Ah!

I love Seattle. I love Seattle. I love Seattle. {See? I like it more already.}

Happy Monday!

Love and Seattle Bound,


  1. Great idea on the bookshelves! Love that fabric. I always felt the same way when I went back to college. And I honestly still feel that way every time after I am home visiting and have to leave and I only live 3 hours from my parents, not too far! It just says we are lucky enough to have fabulous families we love spending time with!

  2. How fun! It looks super cute and that fabric... love it! It gives the area/space a little bit more character and 'flair' [yes I really said flair ha!].

  3. What a fun project! I LOVE the new fabric and your nail polish :)

    I used to get a little homesick too before I left after a break :( I still miss home-home too even though I'm married!

  4. What a cute idea! I love that fabric!

  5. I love the fabric choice! I have to admit I never went far from home until after college, but it was always really hard to leave after a long visit.

  6. Love it! Such a small, but big, change!

    I never was really far away from home when I lived on campus, but it was still tough. I hated leaving my family and all the time we got to spend together. I hope you have a safe trip back to Seattle. Sending prayers your way, girl. x

  7. Love what you did with the bookcase! Safe travels back to school. Know we are here for ya, if you get lonely!!

  8. I love that bookcase! I want some built in shelves like that one day!

  9. LOVE this! so simple and easy!! and great pattern choice! you go girl! xo

  10. Where is this gorgeous fabric from? Love it!

    I've wanted to do this in my rental home forever =) I am just sooo picky about fabric!

    fantastic little makeover!

    Jenn @ Peas & Crayons

  11. excellent choice of fabric... I chose the same one except the turquois and dark green version for one of my projects. also great resolutions. sounds like some of my goals, although you are braver than I taking on 20!!! I can't wait to see what 2011 holds for you.

  12. what a great project!! i'm excited to follow along with your cute blog :)

  13. what a great idea! well done!!
    Happy New Year!

  14. super ! it's lovely, you are an artist xxx


  15. You did a great job on the bookcases and it is a great improvement in the look. Great choice of fabric. I hope you have a good trip back and we will all miss you.

  16. It looks awesome, Michaela!! Seriously, it makes such a gorgeous difference!! Thanks for sharing the how-to...it seems so easy, even I might give it a try! : )

    I love all the little things in your bookshelf...thanks for sharing!!

    I think it's totally natural to miss home. I always missed home while I was at college. Even now that I'm married, sometimes I would just love to be home with my parents.

  17. Wow! I loved the original picture and couldn't imagine how you could improve it, and you did! I love it!!

  18. seriously looks so fab! love your fabric choice~

  19. Michaela!! Get over here and help me decorate our apartment hehe I am going to be embarrassed to post photos of our apartment seeing how cute your little place is hehe I love the book cases and the little makeover you did!! You're a superstar!! XOXO Love.

  20. Amazing what a little fabric can do! It looks so good! Did you make that Child of God art? I'd love one for my office or my son's room:)


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