Chocolate Heaven

If you're anything like me, with a title like that, you're already hooked (:

A few nights ago some friends and I went to my all time favorite restaurant, La Fondue. It's definitely special treat type of place, as it's pricey...but luckily one of our friends works there so we were hooked up (:
Have you ever had Fondue? 
I loveeee it. It's fun, interactive and totally delicious. We went in for some good ole chocolate fondue...the best type.
But first I got a Strawberry Daiquiri...
Make that a virgin one, promise! (:

It kind of looks like a dog bowl full of food, but it's really milk chocolate with English Toffee. YUM!

I forget what's going on here, but it seems like the waiter was pouring fire into the fondue?! Amazing.

On top of the chocolate being straight from heaven, the restaurant is also just amazing. Your eyes don't even know where to land.  There's textures, graphics, and all sorts of fun design going on.  Take a look:

Aluminum one arm chairs...very similar looking to ghost chairs:

FAB wallpaper and mirrors:


Black and white floor:

Sparkly floor:

Favorite part of the whole restaurant are the stunning chandeliers:

Another favorite part? My bestie was there (:  It took us at least 10 shots to get this one...we were laughing way too hard in the first 9.

Hope you enjoyed the little tour of La Fondue! If you're ever in the Bay Area, it's a mustdue....get it? Yep, I thought it was funny (:

Have a terrific weekend!

PS. Go check out my guest post on Nicole's blog, Busy Girl.

She asked me to post on a topic of my choice. Go see what I choose right here!


  1. Fun! What a great place. We have a few fondue spots here in Atlanta too. Our girls love to have fondue. We usually do a hot oil fondue (chicken, beef, veggies) for Christmas or New Years Eve.

  2. Ha! You are too cute. Mustdue... you known I laughed at that one for awhile ; ) The restaurant looks gorgeous too!

  3. Sounds like my kind of place! Chocolate and a beautiful interior!

    We'll have to take the munchkin for a visit out west when she's a bit older... if she's anything like her parents, she'll love it too haha!

    Have a great weekend my dear!!

  4. oh yes please!! i love anything chocolatey, so this sounds like my kind of place :)

    Sam @ fitness food & faith

  5. That place looks SO COOL!!

    You girls are beautiful!

    <3-Cami from First Day of My Life

  6. You and your best are beautiful, and have the same smile!! Oh holy macral! Beautiful place! I can only imagine how much you love this, being a designer and all ;)

  7. HOW MUCH FUN! I love these kind of dinner dates!

  8. Beautiful photos! I am now hungry and want chocolate stat! lol

  9. How fun! I love fondue! I've only had chocolate fondue, but it's such a fun date idea! Glad you had a good time :)


  10. Wow, what a stunning interior! And I just love so yummy!

  11. i LOVE the styling of the restuarant and fondue! i can tell you had an awesome time :)

  12. wow that place looks AMAZEDUE! (had to go along with your due references haha)

    but looks like so much fuN! my college roommates and i had a chocolate fountain and one night we went crazy with it. choc covered pretzels, fruit, rice krispie treats, graham crackers, chocolate, everything! it was DELISH

    id love to go to a place like this! we have one here in boston called The Melting Pot..i'm going to have to go after seeeing this!


  13. Looks so fun !!


  14. When should Meg, Shan, and I book our plane tickets?? Seriously, this looks AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Ahh! Looks SO good! I want to go! Thanks for sharing these photos! Looks like a great night!

  16. I love all the lights! And, of course, the chocolate. :)

  17. Wow that place looks awesome & delicious!

  18. My favorite part of the entire post: MUSTDUE. HAHAHA I laughed out loud alone in my room. Great pun :) Love you <3

  19. Yummmm! I love english toffee so so much!

  20. love your blog it's awesome! newest follower.

    tasha from

  21. Thanks for stopping by!

    I've never had fondue, but your post definitely makes me want to try it! And your blog is so pretty!

    Nice to meet you. :)

  22. I've never been to a place like this!! I'm so jealous!! And it really is decorated so amazingly!

  23. mmm I love fondue and that place looks amazing!! I'm loving the chandeliers too!

  24. What a fun place! Looks like you had a great time!


  25. what a luscious looking place! Wish my house looked like that...

    Speaking of, I found your blog through nicole's and I was so happy to find ANOTHER fantastic one! Right now i'm thinking of doing up my room (but not majorly), but I'm having problems with coming up with an idea since my walls are cream, my furniture is brown wood and my bed...ok everything just doesn't match BUT my point is you've given me a lot of hope and inspiration! can't wait to trawl through your blog when I have some more time :)

    Keep up the grat work, I'm following you :)

    love from AUS
    annie | WEMAKEPLANS

  26. it really does look a jam!!!! yummyy!!!

  27. Great pictures, girl! I love fondue...the dessert is definitely my favorite part!

  28. yum....thanks for guest posting girl! xoxo


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