He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not: Courtney Out Loud

No, that was not a typo! Today is going to be fabulous because I have invited one of my favorite HE's in the design blog world to share what he's loving and not! Enter Courtney, from Courtney Out Loud.  I met Courtney at the SF design blogger meet up in July and he was one of my very favorite people there. We share a true passion for design and totally hit it off. He is talented, spunky and has mad style.
Alright, take it away!

Hi, this is Courtney from Courtney Out Loud and I was super honored that Michaela asked me to participate in the "She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not" series for multiple reasons, most of all being that I will be the first MALE she has had do the series. Yup, ladies, I am crashing your party - I am the proverbial "rooster in the hen-house" and I could not be happier. So let's get this party started......

He Loves Me:


Black Fleece is a joint venture between Thom Browne and Brooks Brothers. It infuses modern takes on traditional pieces, like cropped wool trousers, shrunken jackets and my personal favorites the fitted cardigans. While not cheap, their pieces are flawlessly made and go on sale every season...hence why I stock up!


The former head of Neiman Marcus and Bergdorf Goodman's men's divisions, this man can do no wrong in my book. I aspire to have his rugged style and effortless looks. He is always hip, cool and under-the-radar sexy. I would gladly worship at his closet and listen as he waxed on about pretty much anything.....

In-and-Out Burger

Unlike a certain fellow blogger (yeah I mean you Hi Sugarplum!) who does not see the wonder and delight of these delicious burgers, I am an addict. I love these burgers more than I love my stash of cashmere scarves -- and that says alot from a dude who lives in the Bay Area. I will readily admit In-and-Out fries suck, their burgers have never failed to make me happy.


This blue glass hails from France and is sometimes referred to as "blue milk glass". However, aside from the nickname, the similarities between Vallerysthal and milk glass are few and far between. I became addicted to collecting the glass thanks to Eddie Ross's fantastic tablescape above. You can find me trolling eBay almost daily looking for new glasses to add to my small but growing collection.


Sometimes as I am drafting, I daydream that Tommy and Sarah will find and anoint me as one of their "chosen". They will whisk me away to Canada where I will be part of the team transforming ho-hum rooms in brilliant masterpieces. Of if they just sent me a shout out on Twitter, I would be down with that too. Either way, I can't get enough of this duo!

He Loves Me Not:


Champagne is about celebration and joy! And folks, there is nothing joyful about drinking the bubbly from a plastic cup. I know that not all situations lend themselves well to glassware, but with the wealth of Dollar Stores, Ikeas and whatnot selling stem ware for about a $1 a glass, it may be time to invest in a few "disposable" pieces so you can truly enjoy the best of all beverages!


Pleats make most people look larger......honestly they flatter about .001% of the world's population. I don't understand why designers keep trying to sneak them back into the wardrobe vernacular. Make it stop.

Two Buck Chuck aka Charles Shaw

Okay it was funny when we were in college and grad school. I was acceptable during our bachelor years. But now.....really..... Charles Shaw? It's time to upgrade your wine collection. For a few dollars more, you can get some awesome wines that will impress your friends and not leave them wondering if you have are having a cash flow problem since you are serving up the cheap booze.


I just don't understand it. Muscle heads, midgets and promiscuous people with bad fashion sense all gather in a house, display bad behavior and are rewarded for it? Honestly, I am baffled and a tad jealous that this much attention is being spent on these peeps rather than folks with actual talent and motivation.

I could go on, but I figured I should leave some other rants and raves for the others that will follow me! Thank you Michaela for allowing me to represent the men folks and hopefully I have not scared you off from inviting others!

Thanks, C! I, too, adore Sarah and Tommy. There's no better duo! And I'm pretty sure most of us will agree that Jersey Shore is a zero on a scale from one to Snooki (;

To check out Courtney's crazy awesome house tour go here! His living room is AMAZING, so don't miss it!

What are you loving this week? Happy mid-week!

PS. Want a discount on my design services? Head over to Adventures of Newlyweds to see what Ashley and I have cooked up for ya! 


  1. ha ha! totally agree on the pleated pants- i mean, really. who do they look good on? no one.

  2. How fun to get Courtney's perspective! Love him and his ideas!! Couldn't agree more with the loves and the NOTS...especially Jersey Shore. We don't have an In and Out here, we have Five Guys...but nothing beats a good burger!

  3. THANK YOU. Jersey Shore just needs to go!

  4. I agree with EVERYTHING! I'll wash dishes all night to avoid using anything plastic. Can't help it. And if Sarah ever calls you, can I be your assistant? :)

  5. Just found your blog. Its lovely!! And I could tell you're a Christian right away! :)

  6. These are all great love me/love me nots! I can't tell you how many parties I've been to with plastic stemware! gasp! This is what the $10 12/pk cases of glass stemware from BBB hidden in your garage are for, people! Rule #1 in my house is to never run out of vino and to have a glass for everyone. Duh.

  7. UMMM I totally agree with all of Courtney's dislikes...plastic champagne flutes are just sad! :)

  8. hahaha I LOVE IT!!!

    seriously, i dont get JS either...baffling!

  9. YES two of my favorites in one place! Totally agree Courtney- those burgers look GOOD. And Nick Wooster is Hawt. And Jersey Shore is ridonculous... but I still watch it anyways! :)

  10. ummm, for real, when will the pleats stop!! and now i want to go shop for my hubs...

  11. love it! Courtney's the best

  12. Love all of these! I just recently planned a bridal shower for my sister, and I was sincerely and persistently adamant that there be NO plastic whatsoever ANYWHERE, cups, plates, utensils, table coverings...not even balloons! :-)

  13. Front street over at Michaela's today!!! I didn't say In and Out wasn't good... I said people were whack for sobbing hysterically and lining up overnight to get one! Now, if they served up a side of sparkly vampire, I'd be there too. (ps -- I should prob disclose I don't eat red meat, so it's all lost on me anyway)

    Other than that...I like your list! xo

  14. Amen to the Jershey Shore thing. I feel the EXACT same way! Such a fun post :)

  15. I totally agree with Sarah and Tommy and In-N-Out. I just need them to build one in Houston stat!


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