From Patterned to Plain

Thank you for all the sweet comments about the nursery I revealed yesterday! 

Do you ever look at a room and just think something is a little off?  Like, if only ______, then I would love the space.  Well, I've been feeling that way about my bedroom lately. I have had my bedspread for a few years now and I just felt like there was too much pattern.  In this case, the pattern was what was making the room feel very little girl.  Don't get me wrong, I love pattern, but I think it made my bedroom feel too busy. 
Do you agree?


I picked up these off-white linen curtains for a whopping $14.99 at Target! I'm kind of loving them (: They let lots of light in and still frame the window nicely. 


I think they really brighten up the space and break up the pattern. I'm also totally into everything white and flowy right now, so it was just what the space needed (: It's relaxing and soothing, at least in my opinion. 

Also- my mom hasn't noticed them yet and it's been 2 days. I think it's kind of funny (: We'll see how long it takes her. If she says anything about it today, we'll know she read this post!

Look what is front and center in my magazine/book basket?!

My new favorite book, Decorate {by the fab Decor8's Holly Becker and Joanna Copestick} Love it, love it, love it and totally recommend it! Thanks to Anna from In Honor of Design for the sweet giveaway (:

So that's my little teeny tiny room update. What do you think? 
Have you done any small updates lately??

Happy Tuesday!

PS. Drumroll, please!

The Ten June e-design winner is #61 Meghan.
Hooray!! Email me and I will put you in touch with Michelle (:

PS. Again!! The winner of Alisha's photography giveaway is # 27 Kathleen!
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  1. i love those curtains. they really do make a huge difference in a subtle way (oxymoron, maybe?).

  2. FUNNY that your mom hasnt noticed yet!!!
    and cool curtains :)

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  4. Dear Michaela,

    I think the blog design winner is
    Meghan who follows Shasta Anne.



  5. I love it! Isn't it amazing how a little change can make such a big difference? I'm all for flowy white- linens, drapery, etc. So pretty! And grown up : )

    Congrats to Meghan! Can't wait to get started on her design!

  6. Love the new curtains! They are like a breath of fresh air. :)

  7. We have those same curtains in our bedroom! I love Target's curtain selection.

  8. Looooove the white flowy curtains!!! It looks wonderful!!! White always makes things look so crisp and clean!!! (And with 2 babies over here, I could use a little more CRISP and CLEAN!!) Haha!! Have a great Tuesday! :)

  9. I think the white curtains look great. I'm thinking about changing my bedspread to a plain white soon. I think it will be an easier way to mix up the room feel (with pillows) and skip the busy pattern.

  10. Love the new curtains!! Flowy sheers that pool on the floor are a weakness of mine haha

  11. You are completely right, that totally changed the feel of the room! I think I need to get my little self to Tar-jay! hehehe, I love that mom hasn't noticed yet (c:

  12. Love the bright white and linen looking curtains! Definitely brightens up the room! Gorgeous!

  13. I love it! Isn't it fun how something so small makes such a huge difference! I haven't made any changes lately but I'm planning on changing the pillows on my couch and I know that it is going to make a huge difference!

  14. i love this! so true that small things really make a difference! my boyfriend and I just switched around our bedroom in our apartment and its just so GOOD feeling! (even though we didnt really re-decorate anything haha but i know what you mean!)


  15. I love the new curtains. You are right it gives the room a different feel. I can't wait to get started on my house when i get back home in a month.

    By the way Target and Home Good are two on my favorite stores to get things for the house.

  16. those curtains are lovely! i think they make a huge difference for sure! <3

  17. pretty, pretty! love the new curtains :)

  18. It's so funny how such a simple change can make such a big difference. I think they look great in your room!

    Check out my giveaway:

  19. It's so funny how such a simple change can make such a big difference. I think they look great in your room!

    Check out my giveaway:

  20. I love how little things make a difference. You don't have to pay a ton for your room to look different!

  21. Ummm, why haven't I won yet?? What happened to that money I paid you to win?

    Kidding. Love the white curtains!

  22. Love it! Makes it look bright and airy! :)


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