Dishin' on Design Dilemmas: Back in Action

It's baaaackkk! Some of you may remember I did a segment a few months ago called "Dishin' on Design Dilemmas"... well I miss it, so we're bringing it back. Watch my little message for the info!

To get some questions rollin' and really, just to inspire you, here are some of my favorite projects or fall decor floating around the blog world lately!

Natasha's Thanksgiving Tablescape

Michelle's Living Room Reveal {seriously check out the gallery wall!}

Courtney's Writing on the Wall in her Pretty Kitchen

Christine's Nursery Reveal {Can you tell why I love it so much?!}

Emily's Thankful Branches

BBB Sister's Cardboard Pumpkin Settings {as seen on Design*Sponge}

Fun stuff, right?!
Have you seen any fun DIY's lately?

What design dilemma's do you have?! They can be as simple as how to refinish furniture or where I find cute knobs, or you can ask about an entire room! Get creative (:

Happy Thursday!

PS. Welcome to my newest sponsor Nicole from Running in Heels!
Follow sweet Nicole as she blogs about all the things she loves- the top one being running, of course! And any girl who has a shoe fetish is a friend of mine (:
Go say'll love her spunk!


  1. Gorgeous inspiration pictures. That nursery is lovely. Love the chandelier in there!

  2. I spy someone modeling Love Stitched's goodies on GroopDealz today ;)

  3. Ahhh yay!! Thanks for the feature!! :) And I'm loving so many of these other ideas...totally fell for Christine's nursery with the chevron curtains too! :)

  4. Glad that feature is back. All of those projects are amazing. I love that nursery and that carboard pumpkin. Thanks for the sweet shout out.

  5. Love your new sponsor! The Running in Heels blog is one of my favs!

  6. Great, inspirational pics :)

  7. M! Great idea! I have been wondering what to do with my bathroom actually. I've put a cute picture in there, but I need some CHEAP ideas to do for over the toilet and next to the mirror.
    I also need some ideas for empty lonely wall space that can't be painted. Remember we're on a college budget (aka $0). You're amazing so I know you'll do a great job with all of your readers design dilemmas!
    Love you <33 LYSS

  8. your little vlog is super cute girl! i'm definitely coming to you with design advice once mr. taylor and i get our first real place and not living in a basement, ha.
    xo TJ

  9. Aw that's awesome! great idea girly. And I can see your new desk in the background there... very cool!

  10. I meant dresser.. but hey. It's been a loooooong day ;) tee hee!

  11. You are so sweet! I just saw this - and it definitely put a smile on my face :) And PS - I love the thankful branches! It'd be a great thing to add to each and every day - makes you open your eyes and look around at things you're thankful for, rather than just pass them by!

  12. I was on pinterest and found this website. I read your blog every morning and you were the first person I thought of when I saw it. Don't know if you've found it yet but its pretty addicting :)

  13. Amazing inspiration! I am definitely going to have to do the writing on the wall someday soon.


  14. i totally love natasha's tablescape and michelle's gallery wall! can't wait to check out that nursery! it looks adorable... :)

  15. I think I need chevron curtains.

  16. Just catching up on some blog reading (a newborn will put you waaay behind), thanks so much for featuring my nursery, Michaela!! So sweet :)


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