She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not: Adventures of Newlyweds

Hi friends! Today I have Ashley here, from Adventures of Newlyweds, dishin' on what she's loving and what she's not. 

 Ashley is a newlywed {clearly!}, she's stunning, sweet, hilarious and shares in my love for doggies! Take it away girl!

So, obviously I am honored to be posting over at Michaela's today.  She is my girl crush.  (I have about ten girl-blog-crushes, but who is counting?)  She is the sweetest, sweetest girl ever.  Do you know how many kind words she has offered my about Bella (my fur baby), her surgery and recovery?  I mean, she  and her family had a golden that was basically part of the family that they lost earlier this year so she understands how important dogs can be.  And let's not even mention the fabulous outfits she posts.  (Can she take a bad picture?  Is this real life?!)  And don't even get me started on her design.  She is going to be in magazines and be famous.  I know you all know how fabulous she is, I don't have to tell you!  So now that I have told you things you probably already know and think yourself, let's get right into it...

She Loves Me:
1.   Double Wrap Watches... I have three on my christmas list, including this beauty.

2. Bounce Dryer Sheets.  Hear me out on this one....  of course, they make my laundry smell amazing, and that in itself is reason enough to be on the love list, BUT I also put a dryer sheet in each of my drawers to keep all my unmentionables smelling sweet too. Want more?  I also ball these up to wipe away streaks from the glass shower door in the guest bathroom.  Yep, they clean glass. Impressed? Yep,   You are welcome.
do you hear the angels singing when you look at this box?
3. Airplanes.  They are bringing in-laws and brought a close friend to me last week.  I don't have that many close friends, so I am always glad when those I do have come and see me. (And let's be honest, I don't have that many friends who come visit me and wrangle dinos and all that). 
I throw caution to the wind, I laugh in the face of danger!  
4.  Things that make me LOL.  Literally. This actually made me laugh out loud.   Don't ask me why.

5.  Once Upon A Time, a new show on ABC.  If you have't seen it, you should watch it.  The basic premise is that the evil queen has cursed fairytale land because snow white did something to take away her happiness. The curse puts all the fairytale people into today's world. And apparently snow white and prince charming's child, Emma (in the red jacket) is the only one that can break the curse.  The only problem?  No one except that random little boy knows who they are.  Very interesting show!
from left to right: unidentified fairtyale dude, the evil queen, snow white, prince charming, rumplestiltskin, random kid, snow white and prince charmings daughter and the only one who can break the curse!
She Loves Me Not:

1.   The sun setting at stinkin' 5:30.  I feel ready for bed at 7 o'clock every single night.  Not cool, Earth.

2. When I run out of wine.  Or when my husband drinks the last of the wine.  Basically I hate when I am not surrounded by wine.

3. Anthropologie's prices. I mean, thank goodness for etsy and the creative people that can re-imagine some of their more ridiculously priced items.  Am I right or am I right?

4. And last, the fact that I cannot let my little peanut, Bella Louise, to run around and play.  This healing from surgery thing is just taking forever.  Although she is doing much better than she was the night we brought her home. Puppies + doctors orders of no running, jumping or playing do NOT mix well.

*Thanks again for having me lady!  I loved doing this for you!*

Thanks, Ashley! I do the same thing with dryer sheets (: Smells like heaven in my drawers!
My heart breaks for poor Bella, who if you don't know, is Ashley's sweet puppy. I have quite the soft spot for puppies, so I wanted to take a second to give a shout out to Ashley's Etsy shop, Fetch & Co.
She sells adorable jewelry and all the proceeds go to paying for Bella's leg surgery! Head on over (:

Happy Wednesday! Whatcha loving this week?


  1. sweet and silly post- loved it! and i share many of her likes and dislikes- especially when it comes to wine. though now that i have two kids, the sun setting early is not a bad thing when it comes to getting the kiddos to bed!

  2. I hear you on the Anthro prices and the joys of Etsy! Dryer sheets are my fave too, simply because of the smell. :) Oh yes, and don't get me started on the sun... going to work in the dark and coming home in the dark is noooooo fun. :) Great post!

  3. How much fun is this? I completely agree with everything she said, which means, I need to go check out her blog now, because clearly we're meant to be bloggy friends.

  4. awww bella will be good as new in no time. I know it.

    I giggled at that picture, but I REALLY share your love for Once Upon a Time. Haven't missed an episode. I'm hooked.

    My drawers would really benefit from Bounce sheets...

    I'm going to come visit so we can drink wine, watch movies, and be girls! woo hoo lol


  5. I LOVE Once Upon A Time too :) Sucks it wasn't on last week! I also hate how early the sun goes down!

  6. Love all her loves!!! And too funny about the wine...I am right there with her! :)

  7. Love your blog-I'm your newest follower-stop by to say hello:)

  8. Amen to Anthro prices! I was gathering items for my Amazon wish/Christmas list and it broke my heart when I saw how much some of the things I wanted from there cost!

  9. Love Ash and her sweet little Bella!!

  10. Oh my gracious... I'm on my way to the laundry room to try out the shower thing. Great tip! And I was in Anthro last night thinking the same thing!

  11. yeah once upon a time! love it :)

    happy thanksgiving, michaela!

  12. It was great getting to know you more!

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  14. I have a La Mer wrap watch and love it!


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