{How To} Build a Living Room from the Ground Up

Sometimes it is just hard to get started on a room. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed, you just put off house projects and hope the fairy-house-mother does them for you?! Well hopefully this little How To will help put your anxiety at ease and get your creative juices flowing.  There are many ways to start designing a room, so this is just one of them {another favorite way is to take a rug, pillow, or piece of art as your inspiration and build around that!} The steps are simple... 

1. Start with basic, neutral pieces as your foundation for a room. These are the pieces to really invest in.
2. Add some fun specialty pieces with personality, sparkle and some texture.  A unique side table, patterned rug, beautiful lamp and some curtains to elongate the room will do the trick.
3. Lastly, spruce it up with some playful pillows. Then of course, accessorize using things from around your house. Magazines, design books, fresh flowers, personal photographs and stunning artwork are all great things to put that finishing touch on a room.

Put it all together, and you'll get something like this...
couch / coffee table / console / side table / lamps / rug / mirror / curtains
pillow 1 / pillow 2 / pillow 3

Not sure about you, but I actually quite like this room and could definitely cozy up on the couch and watch a good show... like say, The Ellen DeGeneres Show.  Speaking of that, I'm going to The Ellen Show taping today with Julie. Totally nailed that segue ;) I cannot wait!! And tomorrow I'm going to another taping of my favorite show ever. Come back tomorrow to find out what it is! 

Anyways, what do you think? What's your favorite way to build a room from the ground up?
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  1. Such great tips. And it is so weird that I have been eyeing that exact coffee table!

  2. Great tips. Hoping Elie reads today. She purchased a sofa that color, and has some red accents. I am thinking she'd love those pillows!

  3. These are great tips–I could have used some of these when I was buying stuff for my current living room, but it's all a learning experience!

  4. Great tips and I LOVE the pieces you picked out! Come decorate my house?

  5. Loooove the pillows you picked!

  6. Ahaha 'totally nailed that segue" you are so funny dear. Ellen will be so much fun! Love her. This is such a great guide for people struggling with a living room! Actually they are great basic tips for any room. xo

  7. that sofa is one i have been looking at. in navy velvet, obviously. i love the coffee and console tables! i have been looking at a few like them and this one seems to be a nice big size. now i just need the place for them to live.

  8. I love this room. I'm currently redecorating my bedroom. I have some main pieces and some small accents. Next up is my living room. I change my mind so often I never end up liking it. Great tips!

  9. Such great tips and ideas here! Next time we're FOR SURE getting a gray couch! It's the best neutral!

  10. Love it! we rent so hard to be as creative as I would like as we can't make any changes or put things on the wall where there aren't hooks (why do rentals have hooks in bizarre places!). Did you put your mood board together in photoshop? Enjoy the taping, would love to see Ellen live one day.. maybe when she comes to Australia! Have a great day

  11. Thanks for the great tips!
    And I just can't believe you're going to the Ellen show! I love her so so so much and always watch her show! If you chat to her you have to tell her that I'm her biggest Norwegian/Scottish fan!

    Oh and please tell us all about what it was like to be on her show!

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  13. Love the pillows on that couch! Chevron is so trendy!


  14. This style board is so similar to our living room, it's crazy! I just love it. The color scheme, the pieces, everything.

    Hmmm ... I may be hiring you in the future! :)

  15. The living room is super stylish, you get it right as always, I just think it's missing one of my paintings ;) Lol
    AND You definitely nailed the segue. Bahaha!
    You are soo lucky btw. Jeremy and I have been watching Nemo like every day for weeks, Dori/Ellen is the best!!!
    I need to find out what show you're seeing tomorrow.

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  17. I love the console and coffee table! I've been looking for a table just like that!!

  18. However, this does not mean that the outside part of the home should not be given importance.


  19. Pinning this Post :) Love all the advice.


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