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Hey, all! Happy Wednesday and middle of the week. Today I've got a fun blogging gal who shares my love for interior design, fashion, pups, and overall great style. Welcome Lindsay of Sadie + Stella
She's stylish as all get out and as spunky as they come. Let's hear what she's loving and not loving this week!

Hi loves! I am Lindsay from Sadie + Stella and I am so thrilled to be discussing my loves and love me nots with you all. Being the cynical girl that I am, I equally enjoy ranting about loves as much as my love me nots. So glad that Michaela has asked me to get positive and negative with you all. I adore Michaela and her blog and cannot wait to share all of my dirt. 

1. Anything with contrast piping
So maybe that is incredibly specific and maybe I do not care. I have had a large obsession with this trend for quite some time and plan on its continuation. I have been adding contrast piping to any and everything from sofas to pillows to ottomans. You name it, it works. Trust me when I say. 

2. Anything Pink
From clothing to interiors I really bring out the tween in me with my love affair with the color pink. I no longer think hot pinks or fuchsias have the stigma of only for girls, and of that sect, only for young girls. It is bleeding out into adult fashion and interior design. No shade is too bold or too bright. 

1. Laundry
Let's be frank. There is nothing glamorous about me shoving a machine full of dirty clothing and then after 30 minutes, transferring sopping wet and heavy items to a large machine that will then dry it. Here comes the absolute worst part, after about 60 minutes of blissful peace, you hear that alarming "beeeeeeeeppppppp." Just to casually let you know that your clothes are ready to be folded. Aka, the worst part of my day. Sometimes I just leave it in there and treat the dryer as my dresser. If that is wrong, I do not want to be right. 
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2. Exercising
Balk, scowl and sigh all you want. I exercise for one reason and one reason only, for vanity's sake. Ok and possibly my health. Every time I work up the drive to actually go work out, I am wondering when it is going to be over and what I am going to be eating for my next meal. I actually hate those people that claim that working out is when they gain their calm and clarity. In fact, I feel like they are lying to the rest of us to make us feel just that much worse about working out. Fact. 
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Thank you so much for having me, loves. Please come and visit me over at Sadie + Stella for more of my daily loves and hates. XOXO
Thanks, Lindsay! I love the contrasting piping colors, too...and of course pink is a favorite! I definitely share the last love-me-not of exercising-- if there's anything else I could be doing, I would. Who's with us?!

Go stop by Sadie + Stella today!

What are YOU loving this Wednesday? Be sure to write up your own post for next week and link up with me.


  1. Lindsay, once again you've proven just how hilarious you are! I'm home from school this week and may or may not have left a pile of unfolded clean laundry on my bed in Toronto....

  2. Agreed about the working out thing. Stop making the rest of us feel bad!

  3. Glad to know I'm not the only one who hates hitting the gym!

  4. I love those gorgeous pictures and I also hate working out!


  5. LOVE pink and HATE working out. Spot on :)


  6. I am so with her on the anything pink!! Gimme, gimme :) And that dress is wowza! XO Brynn

  7. I agree on exercise! I only do it so I can justify the countless burgers, pizzas, brownies, and cookies that I eat.

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  8. hahaha, I SO wish I could love exercise too! I'd much rather be flaunting around in that beautiful pink number. As someone wise once said, "shopping is my cardio" ;)

  9. i love contrast piping! it's one of my favorite things recently. it makes something simple have such a pop!

  10. I love Contrast Piping and hate laundry too. Boy have I been doing a non stop load lately. Love this series! :)

  11. Haha! I share all your loves and hates!!! Love pink, love contrast piping, and I exercise only for my vanity and yes, maybe a little for my health. But actually I do sometimes enjoy hot laundry fresh out of the dryer and the fact that I can fold it while watching a show, thus justifying TV time as productive :)


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