Oh Baby: Boy & Girl Nursery Designs

While I'm hanging out with my BFF, Ashley from The Sweet Season, in Chicago today, I'm showing off the two nursery designs I came up with for her baby.  I'm over-the-moon excited about this little baby of theirs; we've been praying for this sweet babe for a year now and it brings a smile to my face to know he/she is growing, healthy and no doubt will be cute as a button :) The fun part about having friends who are married with homes of their own and expecting babies, is that I get to help them with their houses.  I think nurseries are my favorite rooms to design. I mean, how cute is all this baby stuff?! Can't.Get.Enough.

Ashley isn't announcing if the baby is a boy or girl until tomorrow {even though I know!}, so I created a board for both genders before she told me, so there wouldn't be any bias in the design!  For the boy nursery plan, we went with a Peter Pan/Neverland inspired design. A big map, adorable Peter Pan quotes and lots of neutral colors paired with blue. This rug really is the crowing jewel on the design, as it ties together the theme, looks like water but is still a classic stripe pattern. For the girl's nursery, we went with something sophisticated, girly, but not too pink and cutesy. I'm equally obsessed with this rug, and should the baby not be a girl, I need it in my life somehow :) Also, can we talk about the cute pink pouf?! In both rooms, the walls will be a neutral gray/taupe color, creating the perfect backdrop for both design plans.
Source lists are underneath the inspiration boards. Enjoy!


If you haven't been to Ashley's blog yet to vote on whether you think she has a boy or girl in the oven, head over and vote on her side bar. She's announcing the gender TOMORROW! I can't wait to show you some progress and after pictures once the design is off and running.

What do you think of the designs? And if you're a mama, give Ashley some advice on baby gear/rom decor must-haves in the comments.

Boy Source List:
Rug (sold out/ similar here)
Chair / Pouf / Pillow
"To Live" Print

Girl Source List:
Chair / Pouf / Pillow
White Bookcase
Storage Basket
"Hello Little One" Print
"LOVE" Print
"Be True" Print

Enjoy your day!
PS. Because I'm in school I'm only taking a limited number of e-design clients at the moment. If you're interested in learning more about my services, email me at michaelawarner90@gmail.com.


  1. Loving how sophisticated the boy nursery is and how fun and whimsical the girl nursery is!! Amazing job! Hope you're having a blast in Chicago! We hope to get out there this summer!! xo

  2. I love the design boards you came up with Michaela!! So cute. Nurseries really are the best rooms to decorate, so many options!

  3. It's a beautiful day today! If you were here two days ago, you would've been freezing!!

    Baby Room tips: leave lots of open (soft) space to play on the floor, have storage for all the little things that don't have a "proper" place, leave books accessible for little one, use a design they can grow with (which MND has taken care of!), have a designated space for diapers/wipes/creams/burp cloths, have a comfortable space for mommy/daddy time too!

    1. Great tips-- will pass them on! Thanks girl :)

  4. Love these sweet nursery ideas! Thanks for sharing!


  5. Replies
    1. Thought you'd like that! It's so sweet in the design!

  6. love them! i think i might need to get the curtains for my own room!

  7. Ok. I love both! When we actually move and get a room for Baby Boy, I'll have to seek your advice, obviously. In other news, I'm almost done with Mila's room!

  8. I just love the Peter Pan theme...so sweet. Good job on both though! Didn't she post the gender on facebook? I swear I saw it, or am I dreaming? Haha.

  9. Super cute designs Michaela! It's so exciting when friends are having sweet little babies and Ashley is just absolutely adorable! Have fun in Chicago!

    1. Thanks, Anneke! She will be the best mama!

  10. Love them both! You are SO talented!! I can't wait until you are doing my next nursery!! : )

  11. So cute! I love both!! I'm loving the crib and "s" pillows!

    Have a great time in Chicago!

  12. These are gorgeous! I absolutely love them both!

  13. My "sister-in-law" is having a baby girl this summer, and they`re building a house, so I bet she`s all up in nursery designs these days. I`m definitely going to send her a link to your site to get some ideas!:-)


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