How To Prepare For Guests

Today I'm over at The Inspired Room for my monthly entertaining post, sharing what easy steps we take to prepare for guests! You can also shop my favorite "guest bedroom" items below:

What do you do to prep for family, friends and guests who will be staying at your home? Hop on over and find out what I do. {You better believe it involves fresh flowers!}


  1. Just in time for my best friend's visit this upcoming weekend! Thank you for sharing, Michaela!

  2. Loving this post! Guest bedrooms can be so fun to decorate! It's nice to make your guest feel pampered when they choose to not stay in hotels!


  3. What a gorgeous room! And I love your guest room tips!

  4. I usually leave a towel on the bed for my guests but I think I need to find a cute basket like that one!


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