Valentines Day Gift Guide: For the Ladies

DETAILS | makeup bag / PJ set / flower phone case / heart pendant / bow earrings / daisy perfume / bubble bath / candle / lotion / love poems book / heart scarf / heart dish towel / watch /

This will be my first Valentine's with my guy, and although it will be spent skyping and in Pajamas, I'm quite okay with that because I'd rather have him across the country, than not have him at all :) He asked me what I wanted for Valentine's Day last week and I, of course, told him whatever you want to get me! I love flowers and chocolate, so really anything will work. For those of you who have been with your man for a while and needed a little something to show him as inspiration for your gift this year, I created this Valentine's Day Gift Guide. These gifts would be great for your best girlfriends, too!

That Anthropologie candle is by far the best scent I've ever come across. Anyone who's smelled it before knows I'm right! I'm loving this heart scarf and cute makeup case, too! Some pretty PJs might be a cute option, or how about a sweet heart dishtowel?!

I think fragrances are a popular thing for guys to get their ladies this month, so I rounded up my favorite, tried and true, perfumes below as well:

Hope this helps! What's on YOUR Valentine's wish list? I'll be back later today with my guy's gift guide.


  1. Yes, that Anthropologie candle is amazing. Definitely my favorite.

  2. Love love love the Anthropologie volcano candle! If you have a Sentsy, you can scrape some of the extra wax left over into your Sentsy. It's an awesome way to use up the extra wax once the candle burns out. :)
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