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Hi friends! I'm excited to bring back my She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not series. Maybe once a month or so, I'll bring back this series as a way to introduce you to other fun bloggers and share the love. Today we're meeting Sherry from Life of the Party 
Sherry blogs about all this stylish, whether it be home decor, parties and entertaining, fashion and more, she's got style for days and is a true gem! I know you'll adore her as much as I do…

Hello lovely Michaela Noelle Designs readers. I'm so honored to be here guest posting on Michaela's fabulous blog today.
1. There is no better way than to start your day that with a beach walk. Living in Hawaii we sometimes take for granted the beauty that surrounds us each day. This is my reminder, right here! 

2. I had  been on the search for a new perfume  when I came across the brand Tocca. It was near impossible to choose my favorite but I decided on Florence because it reminded me of jasmine or tuberose. It is the perfect light floral scent for spring and summer.
3. I have been crushing on the Gigi New York clutch forever. It adds chic sophistication to any ensemble. 
1. I normally don't get in to all of the celebrity hype and for the most part I can completely ignore the ridiculousness that goes on but here is what I don't like...Miley Cyrus's tongue! If I see it one more time I might lose my mind. Stop the madness already, Miley!
2. We recently went to the ever so popular Lego Movie. I really liked the movie but I am definitely not liking that the song Everything is Awesome has been in my head since we watched it...two weeks ago. It's a catchy song with a good message but trust me, a little annoying all at the same.

3. Living on an island is not always paradise. Like when it comes time to do spring cleaning and finding that all of your favorite handbags and shoes are covered in mildew. Yes, it's gross but it's true, the elements are tough on a lot of things here.  There is very little we can do about it but take a walk on the beach and forget about it.
Thank you Michaela for sharing your space with me today and thank you Michaela readers for taking the time to say hello!

Did I mention Sherry lives in Hawaii?! Yep. I think I'll come for a visit ;) I, too, am totally over Miley. Yikes!  Go say hi over at Life of the Party for lots of inspiration and party goodness!

What are YOU loving this week?


  1. So glad you brought back the series. Loving reading about others likes and dislikes. I too would take advantage of the beach in the morning. So peaceful. And agree, so over Miley!

  2. I just bought that Toca perfume on clearance at Anthropologie!

  3. Love this series Michaela. And I definitely agree about Miley Cyrus's tongue. What is going on with that? At this point it is beyond irritating to see EVERY time she's performing or interviewing or whatever!

  4. Love this series! And I'm totally jealous that she lives in Hawaii!


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