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DETAILS | Je T'aime Sweater / Jeans (similar, similar) / Cardigan / Navy Wellies

It's a rare day to find me in a ponytail, but when I do wear one I always have a hard time doing "imperfect". Why, oh why, can I do a perfectly imperfect ponytail that looks perfectly effortless with just the right amount of hair coming out around my face, right before bedtime?! This will always baffle me. Am I the only one with this conundrum? Surely I am not.

In other news, it's been pouring cats and dogs here in the SF Bay Area for the last few days, so it's been a rain boot type of week. These Joules wellies are the cutest around. I mean, a bow in the back?! I can't stand it. Today is sunny, but still on the chilly side. {Side note: my boyfriend said I'm not allowed to say California is "chilly", as snow is still melting on the grounds of Michigan. That's fair, I guess ;) } I love this sweet je t'aime sweater from Talbots, of all places! I mean, that to me is shocking! I've never owned a single thing from there, but this sweater is so "me"! I guess I should have posted about it in February, but April will have to do. 

I really shouldn't be complaining about it raining or being on the colder side, because California truly needs the rain. We're in a big 'ole drought, so every ounce of rain is needed! After going to school in Seattle, I should really, really not be talking about the rain. Ha ;) Hopefully these little April showers will bring some gorgeous May flowers. How's the weather in your city?

Happy Thursday!


  1. I always have the same problems with the alusive perfect ponytail!

    Love the wellies.

    Fie xx

    Coffee & Confetti

  2. I'm with you on the ponytail conundrum :)

    I have an absolutely adorable sheer polka-dot blouse thing from Northern Reflections (don't know if you have it in the US? but it's a bit of a grandma store haha) that I love. Hidden gems can be found anywhere haha :)

  3. Where I live (in Norway) it's usually rainy all the time! I think I actually live in the rainiest city in Europe or so they say. So I definitely appreciate a good pair of Wellies - and yours are so incredibly cute! Love the bow on the back! But, fortunately, the weather has been more than great lately and seeing the sun again after a long, dark winter is truly uplifting for the spirit. I think I gotta move to California one day! ;)

  4. I can totally relate to the ponytail! When you started talking about rain it reminded me of your Seattle years! Then you meantioned it! At least in Cali you can carry an umbrella and not look like an outsider. Also, adorable boots! Can you puddle jump in something so pretty? Oh right twenty somethings aren't supposed to puddle jump.. I never do that (wink wink!).

  5. I love your sweater! My husband live in France for a couple years so I'm sure if I bought it, he would even approve!


  6. You look adorable Michaela! The ponytail is really cute on you. I love that cardigan. Looks so cozy and comfy!

  7. I am and always will be obsessed with those rainboots. I drool over them everytime I see them.

  8. Such a cute sweater! I can only pull off the effortless perfect imperfect ponytail if I fall asleep with my hair tied up, otherwise it's just like I'm going to the gym. Where I live we are in the impossibly hot season, 110 degrees everyday, but today it rained! YAY! we call these kind of showers Mango Showers as they help the mangos get plumper and juicier and it cools us down. You can see adorable little kids running practically naked in the streets playing in the puddles with soap in their hair in lieu of their daily baths. So fun!

  9. Love the boots. We had days of rain here, too!


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