Fashion: Neon Shorts + Simple Sandals

DETAILS | Shirt (similar) / Shorts (come in all different colors!) / Leopard Belt / Black Fibi & Clo Sandals / Bracelets: Margaret Elizabeth and Kate Spade 

Well, in the last nine days here in Northern California, it's gone from torrential down pours to 85-90 degree weather! Last week I was in rain boots and this week I'm in neon shorts and sandals. I'm certainly not complaining! As I've mentioned before, shorts are my last choice to wear, but when it's so hot, the only shorts I turn to are my J.Crew 3" Chino shorts. They're not too short {which is my pet peeve, by the way! Here's my PSA to all high school girls that think super short shorts are cute and make your bootie look good: they really do you no favors. Promise!} I also love the vibrant colors available in these shorts. I have this neon pink/coral, lavender, berry and navy. I think I'm all set!

Also, have you found Fibi & Clo yet?! If not, allow me to introduce you to the world's prettiest shoes and sandals. I already have a pair of their Cascade sandals, so when they sent me these darling, simple flip flops, I was thrilled! They go with just about everything, are easy to throw on, but still look totally stylish. I love how I could easily wear them to the beach, or to a lunch date. That's my kind of sandal!

How you found a great new pair of sandals for Summer?
Happy Thursday!


  1. I am loving the color of those shorts! So fun!


  2. Colorful shorts are always a must-have for summer! I have that same belt and I cannot wait to bust it out again for the warm weather:)

  3. I have an outfit very similar to this one. I love my neon pink J.Crew shorts! Cute, cute. :-)

  4. So cute for summer! I love these J Crew shorts too, I need to pick up some more colours for this year!

    Five Minute Style 

  5. I am TOTALLY with you, friend! Longer shorts are so much better. MODEST IS HOTTEST! hahah! jk, that's totally a cheesy line, but it's so true! You totally rock those shorts, girl!


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