Our Spring Mantel | Video Tutorial

Well, it's certainly shaping up to be Spring around here in Northern California {I don't want to brag, but I think it's been spring-like in regards to weather for a few months. Last week we did get about 3 days of rain though, which was MUCH needed!} Anyways, I finally got around to styling our Spring Mantel here at my parent's house. We even filmed how I arranged the pieces on the mantel, so you can really see the steps and copy it for yourself, if you want to! Here it is...

Music by Jess Penner 

You can shop some of these items here:

Our Amazing Grace print is from Dear Lillie and the gold polka dot bud vase is from The Object Enthusiast.

What does your mantel look like for Spring?
I'll be making a rather large announcement tomorrow, so be sure to come back :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Looks lovely!! Love the pillows on the sofa as well.

  2. THanks for your tips Michaella! I wish I was better at balancing my objects!

  3. I love how you decorated this! I can tell that you truly love what you do! Your parents are so lucky to have you to decorate for them!


  4. This is gorgeous, girl! I live in California, too, and we have been blessed with spring-like weather. I think winter decided to skip over us. Apparently the rain did, too, because even though it's been raining some lately, it's been SO DRY and our farmers are all losing a ton of money. It's so sad! ( I live in the Valley, and we've definitely been feeling the lack of water over here.)

  5. Beautiful mantel and love the video! xoxo


  6. your mantel is so charming and country chic! i love it.
    Dana Kay

  7. More videos please! So cute. And what song is that?

    1. I'm so glad you reminded me to link to the singer!! Just did. It's by Jess Penner called Bring Me the Sunshine. :)

  8. Love the mantel! It looks so chic and springtime fresh! :)


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