Recipe Box Giveaway: Jean & Grace Designs

Yesterday I showed you my little kitchen with the EAT letters over the stove. Per my boyfriend's suggestion, I mentioned I might change the letters to spell "TEA" instead. You all thought that was a sweet idea, so I just might have to do it. {The fact that it took me about 30 minutes to hang the letters makes me cringe!}

Anyways, today I'm excited to show you another element in my kitchen. The last few months before moving to Michigan, my mom was teaching me how to cook all different meals, so when I got here, I'd be able to make big girl meals for me and my boyfriend. It was such a fun time for us to cook together! I about died when I found this adorable recipe box for all my recipe cards I had acquired. The dark box with the gold lettering was perfect for my kitchen!

Allie, the designer and owner of Jean & Grace, is graciously giving away a recipe box, along with 8 recipe cards. You will love love love it, I promise!

Here are some other details about the box from Allie:
GIVEAWAY: One hand-stained, personalized wooden box. Fits 4x6" recipe card.  Box comes with 8 4"x6" recipe cards. We can add personalization on the top above the text "recipe" or we can add it to the front of the box beneath the lid opening.  This box is created using a vinyl applique. The artwork is hand-created by Honey Bee Invites. Honey Bee Invites sells a hand-painted version in their store: honeybeeinvites  |  Dimensions: 6.69" X 3 .74" X 4.52"

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Have a wonderful day!


  1. That box is amazing! It would look awesome in my kitchen! And who wouldn't want to keep their recipes on those cute cards!


  2. This is just too sweet & definitely a gem in your adorable little kitchen! xo

  3. Love this post :) And your new home! You have such talent in decorating!!

  4. That is so sweet! What an adorable kitchen accessory!


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