Fall Tablescape & Entertaining with Nate Berkus

When Nate Berkus has a new collection at Target, I'm there. What about you?! His decor items are beautiful, affordable, stylish and always add a touch of fun to my home. So when Nate (yes, we're on a first name basis) asked me to try out some of his favorite entertaining items for Fall, I squealed and then gathered myself and said "yes". You can see how I styled everything over on The Inspired Room for my monthly entertaining post.

After seeing his collection, I had a few questions for Nate himself. You can get to know the fall collection and the man behind the designs below:

1. Each season you come up with new ideas for products. Where does the inspiration come from for each line, making sure it is different than the last year? 

"Inspiration is the one thing I do not have a shortage of! I’m constantly traveling, reading, looking for things that grab my attention.  All of that real life and real live inspiration makes its way into the line season after season…it’s why the collection is forever changing."

2. Gold is definitely having a rather long “moment." I personally love seeing gold accessories, especially around the holidays, as it adds warmth. How long do you think the gold trend will stick around?

 I don’t believe in trends. Never have. If you love living with gold and metallic accents, which I do, then you should keep living with them.  To me, brass, gold, silver, they all add a touch of shine and sophistication wherever they land. It’s a forever design choice."

3. I love how your collection feels "fall" without screaming it, with the help of pumpkins, bats, and bright orange decor. For the fall and winter seasons, what are some of your favorite ways to switch up the decor without going over-the-top? 

“I am a child of summer, but I love what fall brings…an extra throw tossed over the arm of a sofa, a faux fur pillow to update the look, all these touches that feel decidedly warm.  Our homes need that.  I lean into that at this time of year when designing.  I put in the line what I want to reach for like a fall inspired candle or an extra tray for entertaining, a new vase just in time for the holidays….my goal is to create a feeling for our homes, not a theme.”

Head over to The Inspired Room to see how I styled all of the pieces in Target's latest Nate Berkus collection.

Happy middle of the week!


  1. LOVE this beautiful tablescape! Those plates make my heart pitterpatter!!!

  2. So cool! I love his work!


  3. Beautiful Michaela! Love Nate's products. Miss his show!!

  4. So neat that you got to interview "you're good friend on a first name basis" Nate! ;) I really like his collections too. I feel like I need to go shopping now! Like right now LOL Are the gold and white napkins from his collection? I love those!

  5. Absolutely love this! The gold touches are my favorite :)


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