Snow Day

Yesterday was a snow day for most schools around here. I'm told a snow day in November is very, very rare, so naturally the state would get a TON of snow, WAY too early, on my first winter here. McCann actually couldn't make it to work because of all the snow, so he picked me up and drove me to his house, where we both had a work day. We also took a short break to venture into the snow and snap some pictures. He's pretty handsome, if I do say so myself :)

These freezing temps are making me want to do things like drink copious amounts of hot chocolate, work from the couch, watch Christmas movies and -- dare I say it -- even decorate for Christmas early. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I've already started! 

So, yes, it's beginning to look a little like Christmas! What is the weather where you are?!

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Enjoy your day!


  1. You two make a gorgeous couple! But where are the photos of you shoveling? ;)

  2. It's not my first Michigan winter (lived here my whole life!), but it is my first Grand Rapids winter and the two are definitely NOT the same! I cannot believe the snow on the west side! Even though I am used to Michigan winters, I think it's going to be a rough one for me!

  3. You two are ridiculously cute!!!!

  4. Beautiful pictures! Yes, after seeing Saving Christmas with Katie, I am ready to decorate this week.

  5. You two are so adorable! I love these pictures!

  6. Ya'll are too cute!! I have family in Chicago and am always jealous of all their snow. We're in Las Vegas since my hubs is in the Air Force, so it's still in the 60s here. I'm not complaining, though! I'm a cold weather girl. :)

  7. These snow pictures are so romantic and amazing! It is Summer in South Africa so it's pretty warm for us! x

  8. SO beautiful! We have had the freezing temps, but only the smallest dusting of snow. I am always in the camp of 'if it is going to be cold, I at least want it to be beautiful and snowy..' We'll see, hopefully we will get some soon. I have always always wanted to take photos a beautiful snow shower with my husband like this. Maybe this year! XO -Alexandra

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