Friday Finds: Nordstrom Clearance Sale!

Happy FRIDAY! This week has gone by pretty slow for me, which could be due to the weather and me staying bundled inside, or the fact that I've had a lot to do and feel like I haven't gotten off my computer. I hope you enjoyed your week. I love sharing my favorite finds with you on Friday's, and this week is no different. I love even more when I get to share my favorite things that are on SALE with you. Hooray!

If you know me, you know one of the only three stores I buy clothes from (with some exceptions, of course!) is Nordstrom. With such a great return policy and free shipping with online orders, it's a no brainer for me! Before we start, I'm not being paid to write this post. I just really, really, really (you get the point...) love Nordy's and even more-- I heart sales. I try to buy mostly everything I spend money on, on sale. So here are my favorite picks from the Nordstrom Clearance Sale. Everything below is on crazy sale...


Sweaters and Jackets:

PJ and Lounge Pants (this lavender pair is currently in my shopping cart!!)



Let me know if you snag anything from the sale. I'm sure I will be :) Thank goodness I have some birthday money!

Hope you enjoy your weekend!


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