4 Ways to Marry Form & Function

There is nothing I love more than beautifully designed, functional spaces. I think all interior designers would agree. Part of creating a functional space is determining how much storage is needed, where it needs to be, and what it needs to look like. Some people may think storage can't be pretty, but I'm a big believer in the marriage of form and function, so today I'm showing you some beautiful ways to get functional storage solutions in your home. 

1. Baskets. This is a huge, gorgeous bathroom (If I had an emoji to slap in this blog post, it would have all the heart eyes by this bathroom!) Obviously not everyone has a bathroom this big, but we can take cues from the style and function. They placed a basket by the tub to store clean towels. This not only looks adorable and fresh, it also gets your towels out of a cupboard where they are probably shoved on top of each other. Additionally, the many drawers with great, shiny hardware is helping to conceal the clutter.


2. Shelving. You can get creative with this! I love this bookshelf concept, made with floating shelves. It frees up floor space and builds up, just the same idea as a skyscraper in a city. Or something like that ;)

3. Trays. Have I ever confessed my love for trays before?! This tray is from West Elm and almost all of my design clients walk away with a similar tray, perfect for catching the mail, creating coffee table vignettes like this one below, or displaying jewelry and accessories. 

4. Unique Storage. I'm all about finding unique ways to store necessary items in a space. First of all, I love that Emily Henderson placed a large campaign dresser beside the bed. The depth of the drawers is key in providing great storage. Additionally, the bench at the foot of the bed is a unique piece with an open shelf for extra pillows, blankets, and more. If it was me, I would probably fill that bench with baskets so it'd be a bit more concealed storage.

What ways do you store things stylishly in your home? Today I'm over on Desiree Hartsock's blog sharing some of my favorite storage items for your home.

Have a wonderful Thursday!



  1. I love this post! We've definitely been working on these things as we get our new house setup! It's definitely a process but it's coming along!


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