Apartment Update: Bathroom Paint Reveal

About two months ago I decided I couldn't handle all the white walls in my apartment any longer. I begged my boyfriend to help me paint the bathroom, since it was the smallest room (baby steps, right?!) and he happily obliged. Lucky for me, I'm actually allowed to paint in my apartment, which I know is something a lot of renters aren't able to do. When you rent, you're stuck with whatever finishes are in the apartment (like the dark wood bathroom cabinet), so painting the walls a soft gray really made a huge difference!

I took a poll on Instagram to help choose the color:

The top color is Benjamin Moore Stonington Gray, the bottom is Wickham Gray. Most people went with the darker of the two colors, Stonington Gray, which is the one I decided on! I actually had it made at 75% opacity, so it was just a touch lighter than the true color. 

DETAILS | Bath Mat / Towel 1- similar here / Towel 2 / Art in gold frame: vintage / Painting / Cabinet Knobs / Jo Malone Cologne / Shower Curtain - similar here

I was a bad blogger and completely forgot to take a "before" picture, but what I can give you are just a few tips for all you renters.

1. Change out knobs on kitchen and bathroom cabinets. You'll be surprised to see how easily this updates the look.

2. Paint if you're allowed. It adds depth and color to an otherwise boring space. I can't get over how much even a light gray helped my bathroom. I can't wait to paint my bedroom the same color soon!

3. Put down rugs, hang art, and curtains. All these things add personality, layers and texture to your little abode, making it feel less sterile.

What have you done to make a rental feel more comfortable and unique?
Happy Tuesday!



  1. The bathroom looks great! I love the knobs you put on the cabinets. If you can't paint, vinyl wall decals are another option. I made an accent wall in my apartment using large damask wall decals I found on Etsy and it looked awesome. Be careful, though - when I took them down a lot of the paint peeled off!

  2. I love the paint color that you chose! We're in the house buying process right now (offer is in and waiting to hear back), I'm dreaming of slathering some gray paint all over the walls and I really think I'll choose the one you chose!



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