Bachelorette Pad Must-Haves

When I was in college I moved every year into a new dorm, apartment or house. It was exhausting! Parts of it were fun (especially living with friends I loved my Junior Year of college and the time our LA apartment was featured in a magazine) but to be honest, I'm relieved to live alone now. Don't get me wrong, I love hanging out with friends, getting together for lunch, and having work days, but there's something so nice and peaceful about having my own apartment. Not only that, but I was finally able to decorate just the way I wanted. While in college, it's a collaborative effort of everyone's stuff and when I'm married one day, I'll need to be more cautious about the decor so my other half feels comfortable as well (goodbye, pink!)

Because of this unique and fun season I'm in now of living alone and loving it, I thought I'd share my favorite bachelorette home must-haves. I know a lot of my readers are also single girls living by themselves, so I'd love to hear what your essentials are in the comments.

1. Pretty touches that might not be practical. 

This tray would be one of those things. Do I really need a tray holding extremely breakable glasses?! No. Do I want a tray holding extremely breakable glasses?! Yes! I've always loved collecting glassware and now I have a space of my own to display it. It makes me feel grown up. I also have a serious crush on gold still, so I'm displaying gold for as long as I can.

Straws in the cups are a cute touch as well. My boyfriend thinks these straws are silly (and who can blame him, they sort of are), but I love them displayed, because they add some pattern and make the vignette feel less stuffy.

2. Delicious smelling... everything!

My favorite hand soap, flowery coconut lotion and perfume. It's fun to display these items in the bathroom. No roommates to use up all your goodies or guys to say they don't like the smell...heaven! ;)

Meyer's soap is the best! And they have a Peony scent here. You can find the lotion here and perfume here.

3. A place to hang your bags. 

I have this hung in my entry way, which serves as a nice landing spot for my purse. Not sure about you, but I love purses and bags, so it's been fun to have a cute spot to put them. There's lots of similar handbags here. (Sadly, mine is sold out.) Here are some of my favorite hooks and wall systems:

4. Gallery walls with art you love.

Now one day, all of my girly art prints will probably need to find their way in a home office space of mine, but for now, I just love them in the gallery wall in my family room. Also, yes, my plant is dying. I really should throw them out now ;)

My favorite I Choose Joy print can be found here. 

5. Accessories and letters that add personality to your space.

It is YOUR space, after-all! Infuse your personality into it with fun phrases, quotes, letters and more. I have these letters hanging above my stove.

6. Color! Pattern! Pillows!

Nothing makes a home more inviting than when the person who lives there loves every single piece in the house. I know I won't be able to decorate with pinks forever in my bedroom, so I made sure to use a color I loved. 

Another elements that makes my bachelorette pad must-haves list is pillows. I have proclaimed my love for fluffed pillows many times here on the blog, so you probably aren't surprised. I think they make a sofa or bed look invited and well put together. Want to know one of the first things my boyfriend does when he comes over? Puts all the pillows, except the one he is using, on the floor. Ha!! I guess they just like space to spread out and relax.

You can find tons of fun and colorful pillows here, including the one below.

You can head over to Desiree's blog for even more Bachelorette Pad Must-Haves. Shop my favorite things below:

What are your must-haves for the decor of your apartment?

Have a great day!
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  1. love these sweet touches! I'm alllll about the pillows! :)

  2. I just bought pillow last night for our living room and it was basically the most overwhelming experience of my life haha! But I want to snag some cute letters to make an eat sign for out dining room soon!


  3. your space is gorgeous! love it! i wish i had EVER had a bachelorette pad

  4. You are super talented friend - I LOVE all these touches! The gold tray, gold glasses and your bedroom cushion colours are my best x


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