Blankets & Throws For the Home

Ashley Slater Photography

I'm not sure about where you live, but goodness it's cold in Michigan right now. (On the forecast this week is actually a few warmer days, so I'm thankful!) But pretty much from the end of October until early April, it's chilly and cuddling up with multiple blankets is a must. I'm currently wrapped in an ultra fuzzy one as I type-- it's the one on the end of my chaise lounge that you see in the above photo.  I have this thing where if I'm sitting on a couch, I have to have a blanket on me. They're just so cozy! 

Today I've rounded up a few of my favorite blankets. These are great to drape over your sofa, adding lots of texture and warmth, or on the end of a bed or bench in your master bedroom.

Are you a blanket addict like me?!

Enjoy your day!


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  1. I am so a blanket addict! This is a new found love, and I am the same way where if I sit or lay on the couch there are blankets to be found :). There is a blanket I love at my parents and I always go straight for it when we watch movies together.


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