Valentine's Day Gifts for Him

My love language is two fold. First, I think I fall in the category of words of affirmation (but specifically in the form of hand written notes!) And then second is gifts. Both giving and receiving. After reading the 5 Love Languages book, I realized that you typically give love to others in the way you'd want to receive it. That makes total sense to me, because I just love giving people gifts and writing hand written notes :)

This brings me to Valentine's Day this weekend. I love finding fun things that McCann would like. Today I went to World Market scouring the shelves for a beer that he would love. (Funny, since I know nothing about beer, so we'll see how he likes it!) We're going to dinner together and just exchanging a small gift. The beer plus his favorite coffee beans will be my gift to him-- he's a huge coffee drinker.

In case you need some gift ideas for your guy, I've rounded some up for you!

What are you getting the guys in your life?



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