Favorite Spring Shoes

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First of all, thank you SO much for your excited words about our wedding venue. If you missed it, I gave you the tour yesterday

Spring is officially here (I think!) and it has me wanting to buy a few new pairs of shoes for the new season. A few weeks ago when I was home visiting my parents in California, I did pick up two new pairs, perfect for wedding occasions and our honeymoon! 

These Jessica Simpson sandals are so comfortable, sparkly and beachy (perfect for our Hawaii honeymoon!) and under $70. My absolute favorite heels I've ever owned are these new Hinge shoes. With a chunky wood heel and a cool lace up look, they're also comfortable and go with basically everything! Bonus: they're under $100.  I can't wait to wear both pairs all spring and summer.

For the warmer months I think the essential shoes are a few sandals, closed-toe flats, and a few heels / wedges. Options, people!

What's your favorite shoe for spring?


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