Wedding Bliss: Our Flower Mock Up

It's no secret that I LOVE flowers! I'm known to have fresh flowers in my apartment most weeks :) I think I get my love for flowers from my mom and grandma. As far as I can remember, my mom always kept flowers in our house growing up (and now always puts a bouquet in my room when I come home for a visit!) My grandma is an avid gardener and has one of the most stunning gardens I've ever seen -- complete with peonies in June!

Naturally, when it came to wedding planning, our flowers were one of my top priorities. Our venue, Holman Ranch, is so gorgeous that I knew I wanted simple, yet colorful arrangements to accent the beautiful grounds. It was important to me to find someone who shared my natural, whimsical aesthetic. I didn't want anything too tight or traditional. I am so excited to share my florist, Michelle Lywood with you! She is incredibly talented, so when we met a few weeks ago to go over our mock up, I knew I had to share it with you.

Our colors are lavender, blush and navy, as mentioned here. We're getting married in September, so the flowers we see in this mock up won't be exact, but the overall look and feel of the arrangement, along with the textures, will be very similar. We'll have a touch more of blush pink in the arrangements brought in by some pretty garden roses. We're using these amazing mercury glass vases that Michelle found for all the arrangements on the reception dining tables (we're doing long kings tables covered in linens-- more on that another week.)

Soak up the beauty!!!

I just love how Michelle describes how she will design our wedding florals. I'm so honored to have her as a part of our day...

"Michaela exudes a sense kindness and hospitality that I know are going to be a huge part of how she and McCann celebrate their marriage with their loved ones. I want to use flowers to reflect not only the thoughtfulness that she has for details and beauty, but also the feelings of comfort and warmth that she creates for others. I'm imagining the kind of love that goes into tending a garden, and then being able to gather from the abundance that has been created so that you can share that beauty with family and friends. That is the essence of what I am trying to capture. Nothing over the top, but rather soft, inviting, and created with loving intentions. We put together a beautiful spring recipe using her color palette that celebrated some of my favorite spring varieties such as lilac and spirea.  For Michaela's September wedding, I will definitely highlight some seasonal treasures like gorgeous blush garden roses and astilbe. All of these flowers embody a soft, subtle beauty that I know will be perfect for the atmosphere that Michaela and McCann will be creating."

For those of you who love flowers as much as we do, Michelle made it easy for you to create a similar flower recipe at home by writing out the names of the flowers:

Lilac won't be available in September, but goodness-- it smelled so good, I sure was glad she used it for the mock up! 

Spray roses will definitely be a part of our wedding day. I love how delicate they are!

These little Eugenia berry-like plants were amazing:

In addition to the two larger arrangements per 8' table, we're also going to have a few budvases at each table. Michelle is going above and beyond and collecting mix-matched small compotes, vases, and budvases to use for this. Here are a few examples!

Not only is Michelle a talented floral designer, but as you could see above, she's also really great at calligraphy AND drawing! She came to my house for the mock up with a drawing of our ceremony space in hand. I was DYING with excitement! If you like the drawing, just wait until you see the real thing :)

We're going to put old wine barrels at the back of the aisle and two at the front where we will be standing to say "I do". Flower arrangements will sit on each barrel. To give interest to the aisle, my mom and I found some beautiful, large lanterns to place at the base of the two barrels at the start of the aisle. One of them even has a fun drawer that Michelle will put some flowers in (see below!)

I'm just SO excited about how everything is coming together. I told Michelle during our time together "No pressure, but I'm most excited about my flowers on the day of the wedding!" ;) I can't wait. 

All Images by the talented Stephanie B Photography

Aren't they lovely?! Follow Michelle on Instagram to see more beautiful flowers-- cause can you ever have too many flowers?! I don't think so!

Happy Wednesday!



  1. Belíssimo. Amei as belas inspirações.

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Love your color palette and how rustic yet feminine everything is. Perfect balance! xx

  3. My middle name is Eugenia...I had no idea there was a flower named it too :)

  4. Oh my goodness these are all so stunning! I love your color palette and the arrangements are gorgeous!

  5. Your flowers look amazing! I made my own wedding bouquets and button holes with roses it was a really fun project and doing a trial was a must and thinking about what flowers will be in season at the time of the wedding is important too. You sound like you have it all under control and an organised bride is a stress-free one!


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