Renovation Lessons from Fixer Upper

Fixer Upper is almost everyone's favorite TV show on HGTV. I've talked about my love for Chip & Joanna before, showed many home tours and told you why I think the show resonates with so many viewers. My brother lives in Waco and goes to Baylor, so when he graduates this May, my family is going to watch his graduation ceremony and then we're hitting Magnolia Market (probably with the entire population of the town! ;))

Today we're going to look at one of their recent home renovations and see what lessons we can learn from their design improvements. Joanna's design approach is simple and effective-- let's see how she does it!

1. Fix up the exterior: a fresh coat of lighter paint goes a long way! Chip and Jo usually add elements to enhance an existing porch. You can see they extended this one down to the window, added some structural posts and a more substantial white fence. Shutters are a beloved design element found in most of their renos. They always finish with some nice plants and trees, often using window boxes filled with flowers for character.

2. Create a focal point: the wallpaper added in this home makeover was a rather bold choice for Joanna, but she's always had a thing for making something a focal point! Whether it's with built-in shelving around the fireplace, a fun kitchen backsplash, wood ceiling beams, or a graphic wallpaper, creating a statement is a great way to draw the eye in, add interest and bring the whole space together!

3. Update the kitchen! This is always my favorite part of their makeovers. Not only the way the kitchen looks, but also the functionality is also much improved! New cabinets, counters-- the whole 9 yards. In earlier seasons, they would do the go-to subway tile, but lately, Jo has been going a bit bolder. I love this lattice tile on the way behind the stove!

4. Open up walls and create archways: this dining room is STUNNING! A simple change like making the opening an arch shape, has totally transformed the look of the room. It makes it feel more open to the adjoining living room. It also aids in bringing the farmhouse style to the home.

5. Architectural features: an everyday bedroom is completely elevated by adding wainscoting! I love the shiplap below the trim. It's sophisticated without being stuffy, and really warms up the room. Now a regular room has character and charm!

What renovation tips have you taken away from Fixer Upper?

Have a great week!



  1. Aren't they amazing! Can't wait to get back to Waco and visit the new shop at the Silos. Loved her tiny shop on Bosque though. You are going to love it!!

  2. Michaela, let me know when you're in Waco! I'd love to grab a coffee and say hi. I moved here from LA last year.

    Also: never go to Magnolia Market on a Saturday, or a Monday morning. You'd THINK Monday's would be dead, but they always have a line down the block! :)

  3. I love all the DIY renovating shows so much! I've been renovating my home for 6 years and get so many great ideas. I love seeing what colour and pattern trends are in and repainting furniture or painting anything really it gives it a whole new lease of life!


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