September Goals

It's September already. This month is so special to us, because it's the month we met and got married in! I cannot believe our 1 year anniversary is just around the corner. This is blowing my mind. It's FLOWN by. Cliche, yes, but so true!

On to some goals for September, but first a look back at last month's goals to keep my accountable.

- Start a new book. Or finish one I haven't yet ;) I need to finish How We Love. I also have a few others I want to dive into. Any chick flick novels you recommend for poolside reading? I FINALLY finished the Magnolia Story. I read quite a few in between reading that one!

- Movie night with a sweet friend who is getting married in a few weeks. We're going to watch some girly wedding movies. Top of my list: Father of the Bride, Runaway Bride, 27 Dresses... what are some others?! This was really fun!!

- I'm designing and coordinating the above friends' wedding on the 26th in Michigan. Can't wait for these two to be husband and wife! If you follow on Instagram, you probably saw some peeks of this! It was a beautiful day for two sweet people!

- Work out 3 times a week (I've fallen off the train...) and do 50 crunches every night before bed. My husband says he's going to join me in this challenge. NOPE. Didn't do this. I'm so bad!! Need to move this to this month instead ;)

- While home in California, my mom taught me a lot about what vitamins we need to be taking + how to make vegetables taste really good, so I'm going to start implementing these things in our home. I REALLY want to help our family (though just the two of us now) down a healthy and responsible path. We're going to start having spinach salad 3 times a week to get tons of greens. I don't eat fish or seafood, and that contains a lot of omega 3's that are vital for your body, so I'm going to start taking flaxseed oil to get some of that vitamin.   We are doing so well with this!! Hoping to continue and make it a habit :)

- Plan a night away for our one year anniversary in September!  We booked a great hotel! We can't wait.

- I'm not going to buy a single thing in August. No clothes, no home decor, no shoes, nail polish (always gets me in the store! ha), no plants for outside...nothing. You get the picture. I want to focus on being content and not focus on stuff. Who wants to join me?!  Accomplished!!  

- Show you a recent client project reveal...starting tomorrow on the blog! You can see the reveals here and here

- Celebrate our 1 year anniversary by going to a pretty lake lodge up in Northern Michigan. We can't wait! We're making a weekend of it and are going to explore Petoskey. 

- Try to make it out to the beach to have dinner with my husband's grandparent's one last time in the warmer weather. We really want to catch a beautiful sunset at the lake!

- Have a group of girls over to our apartment for a ladies night before our hot tub closes this fall!

- The youth group starts at our church in a few weeks, so we're excited to kick that off and build relationships with the high schoolers!

- Write a few more educational blog posts. I have a bunch coming your way soon! If you want any certain topic covered, be sure to email me or comment below.

- Have a wine night on Skype with my parents. I want to be more intentional about communicating with them, since they live so far away.

- For our anniversary month, we are challenging ourselves to encourage the other person in their love language every day. Whether this be a quick love note, words of affirmation, serving the other in some way (like doing the dishes!), we want to show consistent love to each other this month!

- Go to the gym. Seriously this time ;)

- Set aside time every morning for my new Write the Word Journal! I'm so excited about it. I got it in the mail this weekend and can't wait to dig in. There are a few different journals with different topics (like Growth, Hope, Faith, Joy, and Gratitude). I got the Joy journal because I want to focus on being more joyful in the every day things (I tend to look to the future with anticipation and forget to live in the present with joy!) Every day there is a verse in the journal and you literally write the words of the verse. Then there's space to write your thoughts about the verse or whatever is on your mind!

Those are my goals for the month. What are some of yours?!

Happy Tuesday!

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  1. Wonderful goals! It sounds like you've got a special month ahead. Enjoy! :)


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