DIY Heart Garland: Valentine's Day Craft

One of my goals this month was to do one craft for Valentine's Day. I haven't done a craft or DIY project in a veryyy long time, so I was half dreading and half looking forward to this goal! Well, this last week I looked into my paper, cards, bows and ribbon drawer and found all the fixings for a simple and sweet craft project. I didn't have to buy a single thing to make a cute (SUPER EASY) heart garland. Let's be honest, a kindergartener could do this, which makes it the perfect craft for kids!
You'll need: cute patterned paper (mine is cardstock from Hobby Lobby that I originally picked up to make a photo album guest book for my friends' 2 year old girl's adoption and birthday party!), scissors, string or ribbon, tape and a hole punch.

I simply cut my patterned cardstock paper into squares, then folded them in half to cut out my heart shapes. I made 16 hearts for about 2.5' of string.

I happened to have this cardstock with gold foil on it and I'm so glad I did! It makes for such a pretty and more 3-dimensional garland.

Then I tied the end piece in a knot so all the hearts wouldn't slide off.

Next I hole punched the left corner of all my paper hearts.

Then strung them along, spacing out the patterns!

I taped it to the wood sign hanging in our living room.

Even my husband said he liked it (after I showed it to him, since he didn't notice it at first haha!) and it adds a little touch of Valentine's Day love.
If you have some paper laying around, maybe you should try this easiest DIY heart garland ever!

Also, PSA to everyone: you've GOT to make these oven pancakes on Valentine's Day! It's been our tradition for the past 3 years and I love it so much. My husband even said this week, without me reminding him of the tradition, "are you going to make those fluffy pancakes in the skillet this week?!" YES. Yes, I am. They're really easy and you probably have everything you need, aside from fruit, in your pantry.
Happy Monday
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